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Sotha Sil156

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Jun 16, 2012
    1. NlBBS
      You need to change your thumbnails to unedited pictures.
    2. RODRIGUEZ2107
      thanks ill check it out!
    3. RODRIGUEZ2107
      hey you should check out my shut down map i just posted and tell me what you think
    4. The2Armedguy
      maelstrom on reach
    5. The2Armedguy
      so are yo making any progress on your gametype?
    6. The2Armedguy
      whoa nevermind about that last message...haha i think i was supposed to send that to someone else.
      Hey i made a boardgame that uses a dice rolling system much like the classic game "trouble"
      You should try it with me sometime
    7. The2Armedguy
      hey why doesnt you gamer tag exist?
    8. Ell3ment
      In Wraith Attack on the Blocks the map floor is sitting just on top of the death barrier so any vehicle keeps your character above it. We origionally had it set up with a warthog pushing the blocks on the actual floor, but since the blocks wouldn't move very easily it would get stuck. We tested just about every vehicle and if I remember correctly they all worked, the only exception on the chopper and human vehicles would be that if they bounce you can occasionally hit the floor and die.
    9. Conkerkid11
      That would be cool, but what are your Game Type posts?
    10. Conkerkid11
      Yo Sotha Sil! I recently posted You on The Other Side, Macabre, and Winterdome Riot. They are all excellent maps that were made for the Xforgery Monthly contest and ended up getting pooped on. Support this great effort to bring Conkerkid11 back into the game, because if his maps never get attention, then why should he bother making them anymore?
    11. l33tmeerkatslol
    12. Agamer
      You're welcome wimin.
    13. Agamer
      Here dude

      I did both your profile and avatar pics.
    14. Something.
      Nah man I agree with you, I thought War on Iraq was the best. However, The City didn't win in Infection so I'll be holding onto this award with a death grip =).
    15. Boyle06
      SothaSil, ive joined a website where you earn pts by answering polls and inviting friends and after 200 PTZ you can get a PSP or a WII and there is other stuff too. Ipods TVS and such also games. Anyways I would like to invite you if you send me your E mail i will invite you and you can earn stuff too. I have 47 PTZ and joined min. ago so you can see how easy it is. My freind already got a PSP and a WII with this site.
    16. Gunnergrunt
      Conquest Map Nominations end tomorrow! I know you play Conquest so I thought i'd let you know in case you wanted to nominate your top 5
    17. DeathToll77
      yeah video games and school don't mix for me though
    18. DeathToll77
      Didn't get it, don't plan on it
    19. Pel
      Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably fix the spawns.
      : )
    20. Gunnergrunt
      Official Conquest In Matchmaking Thread
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