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Oct 5, 2016
    1. Behemoth
      Isn't it great? :D
    2. Behemoth
      Nooby Booby <3
    3. Nutduster
      Why thank you, sir.
    4. REMkings
      Sign up for the last BIOC lobby in Reach if you will!
    5. Minion
    6. REMkings
      Testing Map :
      Gamertag: I PAINTS I
      Map Name : Act 1 Crash
      Gametype Name : Alpha Zombies (weapon pickups on)
      Tested : Needs testing
      Finished : Needs to be tested
      This is being tested in I PAINTS I's lobby, but the more testing the better.
      Its the first act of a linear series we're creating. Well thought out holdout spots combined with clean linear room to room action.
      I've tested that map twice with Paints, I think it's a great map. It's on the small side and it seemed a little boring for the zombies (they were getting raped, and I can tell from my own experience). This could be due to the surplus of shotguns, but of course I can't judge already after playing only two matches, so I'll get back to that later. Also, the aesthetics were amazing, it felt like an ancient medieval-ish bunker setting. I'll definitely test it in my lobby, whether you show up or not :)
    7. REMkings
      Hey man, just reminding you: you can now sign up for the newest round of BIOC!
    8. REMkings
    9. Minion
      the map had too much ammo for shotguns, and that lead to camping. It wasn't too bad, it's just something that could easily be fixed. Also, thanks for using my lava pit idea. I found it out while making a map a while back, but never got around to posting it on forge hub.
    10. REMkings

      You can now already sign up for Round 2 of BIOC. The earlier you sign up the more chance you have to end up in your preferred lobby, so be quick!
      To stay up to date about BIOC, please visit our social group daily or go and subscribe to it, by clicking on Group Tools and then selecting "Subscribe to this Group". Thanks in advance!

      On behalf of the BIOC Crew,
      - REMkings

      PS: I noticed you already signed up, but you can still subscribe to the group so you know when important things are being posted!
    11. Minion
      I finished testing the map. I'll give you feedback soon.
    12. Minion
      after my game is over I'll invite you.
    13. Minion
      I sent you a friend request.
    14. Minion
      sure, the BIOC is at 8:00 Hong Kong time though, so thats in about 6 hours. You'll have to show me soon. I'll make sure to test it though, even if we're not able to go onto the map before BIOC. I should be on xbox in about an hour or so. I'll add you. My gt is Beybok
    15. Berb
      that is the single best avatar ever made
    16. PA1NTS
      Pirate Sharks
    17. PA1NTS
      Go to control panel, edit signature. And then copy this link into your signature. you can rep pirate sharks everytime you comment on stuff
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    Manitoba, Canada
    I like making awesome gametypes and maps for them.
    Mainly a co-forger with PA1NTS but I'm planning on getting into the forge scene eventually with my own works.