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Jul 8, 2010
    1. MetaWaddleDee
      just make a respawn area in forge, to do this, go into monitor mode, and change the gametype to anything but "all gametypes" there should be a separate section to place these.
    2. Urban Myth
      Urban Myth
      Since you are the only one I've heard a complaint from and have no reason as to why my map is "terrible." I'm going to ignore your comment and assume you're trying to piss me off.
    3. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      hey man what was the download link for majestic? the one on the map thread isnt working
    4. Meltyourtv
    5. Meltyourtv
      YouTube - Sypher (A Halo 3 Pro) :: MLG Pit Team Slayer Gameplay - SICK Snipes!

      Dude. You got pooped on.
    6. ONeill117
      ShotRangE: I just tried to send you a private message with a link to your interview on my website. Did you get it as my computer crashed on sending...
      Sorry about that
    7. pinohkio
      oh ok, you can change things if you want, but it is pretty much done, it took me about 18 hours. you can tweak after testing also if you want.
    8. pinohkio
      alright, the map is in my fileshare, slot nine i think, its called obstruction. like i said you get 50% credit if you do the spawns for ctf and slayer well. also the flag spawns and returns are just guidelines, feel free to move them and tell me what you think of the map.
    9. pinohkio
      hey shotrange, do you think you could test my map seeing as i tested yours? i should be done spawns by tgif 41 (this friday night) and it will be ready for testing on saturday. message me on XBL if you can help.
    10. Katanga
      Hey, I just thought i'd say that the first picture on your recent map "VectoR" really doesn't seel how aesthetically pleasing it is. Personally, I would move it down so that the initial pictures people see are of the aesthetic features, which are quite frankly stunning.

      I'll give this map a download and post on the thread.
    11. ONeill117
      Dear ShotRangE

      Hello, I'm ONeill117 and am writing to let you know that I am in the process of starting up a website relating to all things Halo 3, including a page entitled 'The Best of Forgehub' (according to my modest opinion!). you will be pleased to know that your map 'Reverie' has been selected as the first map to receive this award!
      I would appreciate a reply stating whether you decline (and your map will not be included) or accept, in which case I would like to be able to send you an 'interview' to read and reply to which will go alongside a picture of your map, a description (from my point of view) and a link to its forgehub page. It will also be stored in the archives, unless you request otherwise.

      Look forward to hearing from you soon,
    12. The Moran
      The Moran
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