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New York City
Student, future game designer

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Ancient, from New York City

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Jun 12, 2020
    1. xFr1ct10nx
      i was readin your comment on bloumbas's page ya i only have 1 acc but The Yellow keeps acusing me of having more than one, and says i use mutple ip adresses, which is true becuase i have multiple computers.
    2. Ruthis951
      i cant download gametype for border hopper it says that it has been removed
    3. CaMOfo
      I know, Im special.
    4. thesilencebroken
      haha premium = two or more featured maps.

      and if you look at my maps, i dont use much geomerging. blaze would be better to ask.
    5. thesilencebroken
      yup, competitive, and its only team based games.

      1v1-3v3. so up to 6 people.

      Team Slayer, Team Swat, CTF, One Flag, Assault, Team Moshpit.
    6. DragonBerries
      Shihuru, i so totally back you up in your little situation in the Yukon Canyons thread. All those guys there are jerks, just forget them....
    7. Vinny
      Yeah totally. I could have done a better job, had I had the time, dedication and tools.

      It's a skin change, are you ****ing retarded? Yeah, maybe it's a little harder than i'm making it out to be. But I never criticized on the amount of effort put into changing it. I'm just saying it's a shitty layout, and an even shittier skin.

      If I wanted another layout like that, i'd join the millions of other sites dedicated to console gaming.

      Not to mention I felt like a 5 year old every time I saw the background.
    8. Gamer720
      I will have to give it another look.
    9. Draw the Line
      Draw the Line
      No, it was never posted on Forgehub, but if you do a search for it on you can find it easy. It's everywhere over there.
    10. A SouthPark Kid
    11. A SouthPark Kid
      A SouthPark Kid
      What are you talking About?
    12. Draw the Line
      Draw the Line
      No, unfortunately I don't. I'm not a big fan of infection, so I really only know of the more well known maps out there. I'm guessing you're looking for maps similar to Omega Journey, where you have to travel through the map to get to safety?
    13. HayabusaNinja
      Hey its Ryan4516! I say your post about Shihuriville Map Pack. Looks good
    14. haruki jitsunin
      haruki jitsunin
      No, I don't think I'm going to review that map, I've stepped down as a reviewer and possibly from the site... and I really, really hate infection maps, but as a reviewer, I would have rated it without attention to my personal preferences... now that I'm not a reviewer, it wouldn't be a great review.
    15. Halfspeed
      Since you usually host CPF, can you have my map "scorpion" tested for one of the games. Kill two birdds with one stone. You can download it off my fileshare. if you are not going to host it can you tell me who is? Note:It is ment for slayer
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    New York City
    Student, future game designer