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    1. Psychoduck
      Feedback for Honor is complete. Feel free to ask questions in the thread.
    2. Psychoduck
      Hey man, I'm gonna test at least one of the maps you posted in the Testers' Guild, but you need t o specify a player count first.
    3. Marcass2021
    4. availablemoth
      Preview anyone?
    5. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      The new Forge Hub Favorites XXI:Nominations are up. Make sure that you don't forget to vote.
    6. Audienceofone
      That map pack with the 2v2 maps can be found here, since you have played most if not all of them I would appreciate you letting me know your thoughts on them, and as I said earlier (you hadnt seen it) pivot is released with its link below.
    7. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      My New Map Aeacus
    8. Audienceofone
      By the way, that map you inquired about is up for download now. Check it out!

      Also i really would appreciate you looking at my map pack and letting me know what you think, hope to get you in a game one of these days.
    9. Marcass2021
    10. Eightball
      Hard work pays off.
    11. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      no problem, your map is one of the better BTB maps. I don't see why it shouldn't be nominated.
    12. Audienceofone
      what does radeata mean!?
      also I want to do a co-forge (providing I am able to work cooperatively in forge.) with you more now. Next time you are on the same time as me, let's talk, no?
    13. Knight Of 0rder
      Knight Of 0rder
      I think you should take a better picture for your thumbnail picture. It doesn't showcase the map very well. You should take a picture of your tower and use that as the thumbnail image.
    14. AtlasIsShruggin
      Illyria Post

      Please comment and download!

    15. AtlasIsShruggin
      Thanks I appreciate that! Actually I just finished up a beta for a new map, we've only played one game on it and it's not set up for game types yet but I'm definitely looking for feedback on the layout, spawning, weapons, etc...

      Illyria Beta Download

      Any criticisms you have are very appreciated!

    16. AtlasIsShruggin
      RHEM is being featured in Forge Spotlight!

      You can view the video HERE or look for it on the Bungie Home Page in the coming days!

      Also if you haven't seen my newest posting The Looking Glass please view and comment HERE

      As always Thanks!

    17. Preacher001
      I was wondering why you added me on live but I think I figured it out. I had just meant once I posted it would be cool if you took a look but if you see me on live feel free to message me for an invite. If I'm available I'll invite to the game. I apologise in advance if I drop you from my live friends list after a bit as I prefer to keep that only listed with close buddies. If Microsoft offered more advanced friends list I would leave you on there. In the mean time if you want to check out any of the work I've done on maps, I've uploaded almost 8 of them in the last week. :)

      Thx in advance for offering to check my map out.
    18. Eightball
      I'm happy to let you know what I think about your maps. I can't give you proper feedback until I check them all out for myself, but I'll make sure to try to leave you some good news. Don't get upset if it's not right away though, I have many poeple and other real life things that I need to attend to as well. Keep up the good work though man, your forging is making me so jelly ;)
    19. Eightball
      Why aren't you on my FL on FH?

      Anways, FR sent..
    20. Eightball
      Thanks man, I'm glad you like them. Feel free to comment, download and be sure to leave feedback if you liked my maps, or didn't.
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