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Seaboro Kibbles

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Aug 30, 2013
    1. Rifte
      Alright, awesome. I don't see much of a need to put it under my name, it's already on the description anyways (plus I'm doing something right now) so I'll change the dl links on all sites to the version you have.

      Thanks a boat load dude.
    2. Rifte
      Does that even work? I wasn't under the impression that you can change the author's name. Regardless, thanks. How is it updated though and what did you do to fix it?
    3. Rifte
    4. Tydo
      Post another one of your maps like the frog one, i need the link so i can make the video
    5. Tydo
      Just let me know and ill see what i can do, ive been itching to make one. Lets play some games
    6. Tydo
      So from what ive seen, most noobs are posting theyre stuff on here, so our map should actually get some attention if we set it up right, i can make a promo video as well. See ya tonight!!!
    7. Tydo
      Tydo : Bungie Weekly Update: 09/17/10 : 9/17/2010 4:20 PM PDT
    8. ArcticFox
      It was fun but I recommend further improving it by adding killballs that randomly spawn or something similar to that.
    9. Tydo
    10. Tydo
      No xbox live :(
    11. Tydo
      Dailymotion - Halo's Radio Station's - a Funny video
    12. HomeTheArmless v2
      HomeTheArmless v2
      I remember planet tinkup. So silly. I'm looking forward to Reach as well, and i've made progress on my map: "DEFAULT SANDBOX REMAKE!!"

      And school. So i'm pretty bored.
    13. HomeTheArmless v2
      HomeTheArmless v2
      OH HELL NAW. We owned that podium son. Most overall medals, DAYUM.


      Technically, we beat and tied you in regulation. You syrup suckers got lucky in overtime. SOCHI 2014 GOLD MEDALISTS. IM CALLIN' DAWG. ITS MILLER TIME>>>

      Now that that's outta the way; WAZZUP BRO.
    14. HomeTheArmless v2
      HomeTheArmless v2
      Oh nothin' much dawg. I went into my cacoon after the Hockey Gold Medal game some 2 weeks ago 'til this whole "SUCK IT USA WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOOWOOOWOO" thing bowled over.

      edit: this is a fake edit memo
    15. HomeTheArmless v2
    16. Loscocco
      I was surprised that no one mentioned it at that time lol.
    17. Mischgasm
      Dude, what the **** are these guys talking about. I thought the debate was whether stars are alive by the biological definition. They're talking about some philosophical **** and now I'm confused as to what we're debating about. Do they even know what they're talking about?
    18. SargeantSarcasm
      Your sig is too big, cut out one of the pictures. kthanks.
    19. Spawn of Saltine
      Spawn of Saltine
      "Here's an idea: Infection. Humans on foot. Zombies in ghosts. At the other end there's a custom powerup, if the humans get it they can kill the zombies, that is if they don't get splattered" you posted that on a preview thread and I just want you to know that idea is done already, but with warthogs for gameplay reasons. Its called like icecream man er something. If you knew already than I'm mistaken, I just didn't want you looking dumb posting something like that on the thread.
    20. Chipsinabox
      Please refrain from posting links like this to my visitor messages. If it's urgent, please message me using PM's. Otherwise, reporting it is the best way to go.
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    BC, Can-ah-dah
    currently sticking it to the man
    C borrowed what?
    I'm an indie game producer. I've mastered making Halo: 3 games, and have been renown and successful to be modest. I am actively working with the new resources available in halo: reach, stay tuned.

    -last updated October 2010.

    snowboarding, soccer, music, forging, etc.