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Jan 12, 2021
    1. Taylor | Snow
      Taylor | Snow
      Hey! How can I access the latest version of Mainstage for use on the Xbox? (I'm play testing for the tournament Forgehub will be hosting)
      1. Sam Malone
        Sam Malone
        No fleshare on PC so I'll have to get a friend to upload it, unless you know someone with both PC and Xbox. I have the latest PC files available on my posts.

        Didn't know Forgehub was hosting a tournament. Has this been announced somewhere?
        Dec 1, 2020
      2. Taylor | Snow
        Taylor | Snow
        Sorry for the late response! Yeah I have Xbox. How's that process work?

        No it hasn't been officially announced, but I've got some admins working on the format. Probably gonna happen in Jan 2021.
        Dec 11, 2020
      3. Sam Malone
        Sam Malone
        It's a bit annoying with no PC fileshare but now with crossplay I'll try and get a friend on xbox to upload it to their fileshare and I'll send you their GT. Or you can add me on xbox, msg to join sometime and I'll put it on for you to save.

        My gamertag: Sam Malone xbl
        Dec 13, 2020
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