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Dec 6, 2010
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Mica, WA, a very small town.
I am in the medical lab technician career.

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Promethean, from Mica, WA, a very small town.

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Nov 14, 2012
    1. MegaIrishRocker
      hey man its broughton can u add me?
    2. REMkings
    3. REMkings
      If you want to find out more, then please read this announcement to find out anything you want to know.
      Also, if you want to stay up to date or find out even more or have any questions whatsoever, feel free to join our social group. We will gladly do the best we can to keep you informed or answer your questions.

      Already know about BIOC or already convinced that this is what you want?
      Then sign up for our first round here! But be quick, submission will close in less than a week from now!!

      Thanks for taking the time!
      On behalf of the BIOC crew,
      - REMkings
    4. REMkings
      Hey, I noticed that you're a member of the social group Infection: Final Stand. It seems that you like Infection a lot. However, that group kind of died and lost its interest. That's why I'm presenting this new Custom game event meant for guys like you, called Bloodthirst: Infection Only Customs, shortly know as BIOC.

      BIOC is an ongoing custom game series where we will be playing nothing but Infection maps and Infection maps only during one whole week of hosting lobby's. Not only do we play some sick, highly balanced infection maps but we also provide you the chance of playing and testing your own maps. The reason why we're hosting during the whole week is so that anyone, from any timezone, can find a proper day on which he can join. Our hosts live across the whole planet so the times of hosting will be very different as well, so you can always find a time that suits you best.

    5. AwsomeAshley01
      Can I Join Your Infection Macinima Thing please
    6. Elite Warrior5
      Elite Warrior5
      Hey Rob, can I get some info about your halo infection machinima?
    7. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      The llama totem pole.

      I hope I'm not asking too much, but would you draw me a diagram, or at least explain the ranks?

      I have T-shirts to make.
    8. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      So... is it a mixed breed? I was merely asking because I own a few llamas.
      Teach me the way of the llama.
    9. Psychoduck
      a worm llama
    10. robbieagray
      Personally can't wait to get 666 post. lol!
    11. Psychoduck
      It's a worllama
    12. spy penguin
      spy penguin
      I agree with your sig there should totaly be an app for forging.
    13. spy penguin
      spy penguin
      thanks for sticking up for me in some of my posts.
    14. artifact123
      I don't really care what i play, i would already be happy if i'm a zombie.
    15. artifact123
      Hey Rob i would like to have a role in Defiance, and i would like to play multiple small roles(change my armor between sessions so no one notices.
    16. SiklaBran
      Hey, It's Sik here, Send me an invite on Reach sometime. Maybe we could collaberate on Forge. An Idea for an Idea.?
    17. serumembryo
      My friends keep on raging on your signature for some reason. Ohhh iphone haters, they just never learn
    18. alextrer
      i heard you were making a machinima,u could use some soldiers coming back from war not knowing that there was a zombie outbreak,that would make them have to try and find out what happened.
    19. Organite
      Good show.
      You should try socializing with us all sometime.
      We're really quite the... odd bunch.
    20. Organite
      When you go to the RH forum there should be 3 sub-forums at the top called called:
      Review Hub Central
      Review Check-In
      Review Hub Proofing

      If you can see those then you're good.
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    Mica, WA, a very small town.
    I am in the medical lab technician career.
    I like to make things in forge that is balanced for all players. :D

    I am presently working on a forgemap that uses a thumper system. So far I have gotten most of the map finished I just need to get the timing for the thumpers done and all the spawn points in position. I hope to make the map capable with infection and SWAT.

    I like great invasion and infection maps.


    Forging... why isn't there an app for that?


    If you think that you might be of use in a halo infection machinima. Please join and send us a message as to why you think you can help and what talents you can bring to the table.