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    1. Dax
      S'all good, I do it all the time :)
    2. Audienceofone
      Awesome, because I love to write creatively. I actually just wrote a sci-fi thingy the other day. I'll add that to it when I type the application up, or part of it at least.
    3. Audienceofone
      By applicable I assume you mean within the guidelines of the application? It's not. It would be a short couple page read that would demonstrate my word use in a creative scenario. It would be utilized in journalism in a similar way that the short drama scene was written for the dust up tourney. It could be an intro of some sort. Does that make sense?
    4. Dax
      Can you ? dedicated time to playing in the future?
      Needs a fixin'
    5. Audienceofone
      That's understandable. Would you like me to get you a bit of my creative writing as well? I know for a fact that its going to bleed into my jouralism.
    6. Audienceofone
      Oh... okay...
      Expect a PM within the next 24 hours from me. That sounds like fun.

      For some reason I expected some rigorous schedule.
    7. Dax
      Sounds good, thanks for checking :)
    8. Audienceofone
      Could you explain some about the role of Journalist to me? I'm interested (as a writer any work like that interests me), I'm just not certain if I want to add it to my list of things to do, or what it would be like.
    9. Dax
      Awesome, thanks dude.
    10. Dax
      Yo! Is there supposed to be radar in the gametype? I believe it says radar disabled in the thread but behemoth said the gametype he downloaded had it
    11. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      I believe we should leave our bet of changing avatars as a draw. The file system is still not in place making it almost impossible for me to find maps to test.
    12. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      I dunno. I deleted one and was like, "cool." Then I got carried away.
    13. Shad0w Viper
      Shad0w Viper
      Doesn't make your statements any less false. I may not have shared the numbers with the staff as a whole (due to there being staff participants in most contests) but they were there and shared amongst the judges. Oh and implying that there was bias in the past really grinds my gears.
    14. Shad0w Viper
      Shad0w Viper
      You couldn't be more wrong about past contests and I find it very insulting that you would post that.
    15. leegeorgeton
      I just noticed that my Arcusphere map testing request thread has been re-linked into the map testing list. That map was already tested. Is there any chance someone could re-link the other two maps I posted for testing. One is called Camber. The other is called Checkered. If that's not going to happen, let me know, and I'll re-post them myself. Thanks.
    16. Audienceofone
      Thanks! I was just noticing that we didnt really have any small lobby grou like it, so I grabbed Dax and made it! :p Maybe one day it will have a subforum even. Too bad I dont know anyone who could possibly do that... HINT HINT.

      All joking aside, thank you.
    17. Zatherla
      Hmm, tempting, it'll be up later today.
    18. Zatherla
      Hahaha, we'll see. Although it has little replay value, I think :s.
    19. REMkings
      Yeah that's fine. Too bad though cause it did take me some effort to get you guys that footage, lol.
      The map is not finished yet but I will let you know once it's done. Just hope 343i is going to put up the fileshare system soon and fix the lack of dyn lighting in Theater cause this is getting ridiculous
    20. REMkings
      I hate to be a **** by asking again, but I'm so just looking forward to the feature and thankful that you guys are featuring it. Do you have a clue when it'll be up? I might be able to use it in the thread I'll be creating for a map-in-process in Halo 4, eventually.
      If there's no way you could tell, I will finally just shup up and wait until it's there without asking no more. :P
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