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    1. Audienceofone
      Drop spawns don't seem to work quite right in Halo 4. I haven't tested the Halo Council theory out myself, but it explains the difficulties I was having in my efforts today. You may want to discuss this with the staff and consider asking for no drop spawning in the contest maps.

      Forgehub Discussion.
    2. Pegasi
      Here's looking at you, kid.
    3. Chron
      Lock? I think there's been enough Halo 4 venting threads. This one hardly provides any room for discussion.
    4. Stevo
      You can join without a date if you're playing... you only need a date to host!
    5. Stevo
      To participate, and love teh games for their awesomeness <3
    6. Stevo
      Hey RST.

      I love you. Be mine?
    7. Audienceofone
      So why couldn't I hear you that day you and I were on Nutty's map? I wish I had thought to ask sooner. :p
    8. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      It's cool. I fell asleep at my desk :/

      Keyboard print on my face :(
    9. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      Did you need me anymore last night, you kinda disappeared!
    10. Zombievillan
      Well... As a matter of fact I am good sir. I just need to test it out now for weapons and spawns, lol.
    11. Tedium
      Sure, I see no problem with that.
    12. ♥ Sky
      ♥ Sky
      I am online, man
    13. Stevo
      lol, inorite?
      Easy peasy!
    14. Dax
      Haha, don't worry. I'm definitely pleased with the settings compared to Smackdown and the others. Especially the lack of radar. My only complaint is the power up issue :)
    15. Dax
      You mean enhanced radar? Lol, I know all too well...
    16. Dax
      Yea, I get where you're coming from. I didn't think about damage boost with the quicker kill times. I still think Speed Boost and OS are worth it though. If you take spawning into account when dealing with Speed Boost, I think it has the potential be pulled off well. It at least gives people the option to try and work with it. And OS, I want ittttt :P

      I don't think having one exception would be too difficult for the overall community to grasp, but I get that everything's already been announced so I understand not wanting to go back and change specifics of the gametype.
    17. Dax
      So I was laying out some ideas for the 2v2 contest and I came across a sliiight problem. I never thought about this because in the past I stuck with 1v1s and have strayed away from using powerups, but this could be a problem for 2v2. No ordnance means no OS, Damage, or Speed Boost. Maybe make a rule stating the only ordnance that can be used are those for powerups?
    18. Transhuman Plus
      Transhuman Plus
      I still need that applic man.
    19. Transhuman Plus
      Transhuman Plus
      Yeah, I didn't save any of it. Could you copy the text then send it to me so I can send it to you?
    20. Transhuman Plus
      Transhuman Plus
      I stopped reading at "Open Staff Applications!" and then just copied the app form.
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