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Dec 23, 2008
    1. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      I don't know how she got that mixed up.
    2. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      What the heck? You're the one running after ME! I wasn't the one guiding you into an alley way. I don't know how she got that mixed up.
    3. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      It's not my fault! I was just trying to save our dogs.
    4. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      Oh please don't start that again.
    5. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      This is a welcome message for when you get back on.
    6. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      You know what? You suck too.
    7. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      No, I have enough of that crap. Leave me alone you demon. Back off, BACK OFF!
    8. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      Oh gosh, get rid of that avatar now.
    9. Mysterious D
      Mysterious D
      Go ahead. He'll probably come up with some BS reason of why I'm lying, but go right ahead, ha ha.

      T'was a pleasure, ma'am. ;]
    10. Mysterious D
      Mysterious D
      Ah. Pardon my manners, then.

      I don't hate, ask anyone who knows me. I now have an impression of what your brother is like, yes, but I'm not one to hold a grudge.

      Won't mean I won't poke the angry bear once in a good while though, ha ha.
    11. Mysterious D
      Mysterious D
      Mm. Even if it is the dude I was arguing with before, this is a win-win situation for me. You're on, Sir.

      Your brother basically started arguing with everyone in the 1m post party thread in off topic, I called him out on it and mocked him a bit. He then proceeded to make logically impossible arguments that I honestly didn't feel like dealing with at the time (who wants to argue against inane banter?), so I basically went on an antagonistic spree towards him until he decided to leave.

      I lol'd buckets when you said he got angry over it.
    12. Mysterious D
      Mysterious D
      Lol, you got banned?

      Now you make an account posing as a girl?

      Man, you're definitely the new Skittlesmeister.

      EDIT: Wait a sec, you're not banned? Why another account?
    13. Mastar
    14. Mr Pokephile
    15. thesilencebroken
      not neccessarily. its complicated.
    16. thesilencebroken
      when did i say you were a homosexual? lol

      Every persons computer has a number assigned to it. Or maybe its household... eitherway, the computer you use matches his, and the mods can see this.
    17. thesilencebroken
      IPs match. we have nothing to go by but your word that you arent the same person. not to say i dont believe you, but there will always be doubt in our minds.
    18. thesilencebroken
      mmmkay. well then, if that is so, then enjoy your stay. if it is not, we'll know.
    19. thesilencebroken
      how else would i put it?

      and why are you still using the other account?
    20. thesilencebroken
      welcome back Frag Man.
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    Hi, you all would probably know me as the fake Frag Man, or the Frag Man impostor. That's all! Have a nice day.