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Jun 30, 2009
    1. Aimless Ant
      Aimless Ant
      Solarium is now posted, check it out.
    2. Aimless Ant
      Aimless Ant
      I got the Vids, thanks a lot. I am making my post for atlas as we speak. bungies forum system is a pain in the ass.
    3. PRS
      Be ready for testing today!
    4. Aimless Ant
      Aimless Ant
      If you could play some 4v4 , team slayer, two flag, assault, etc. and then save the whole films to your fileshare. i can copy them to my fileshare and then you could delete them. When ever you get time, dont go to any trouble, only play some games if you want to and save me the films. Ill say a prayer for your brother. Thanks man.
    5. Aimless Ant
      Aimless Ant
      Hey man, i have a favor to ask you. My xbox has red ringed and i wont get it back for a few weeks. I need some video footage of the finished version of lotus. If you play any custom games on it please save the videos for me. They would need to be full games on matchmaking gametypes. If you can that would be cool, but if not i understand. Dont go out of your way. Thanks for all your help.
    6. What's A Scope?
    7. Blaster Cheif
      Blaster Cheif
      Can you send me the link for your elongate map on sandbox, look really cool
    8. Kidbomber
      Please dont post your feedback in the OP anymore, place it in new board in the respected thread :)
    9. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      He already notified me.
    10. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      Hey, I see that you have been using better grammar, punctuation, and organization.
      Good job.
    11. Playerhata27
      Definitely man, cheers.
    12. Playerhata27
      Oh man, I was joking about that. Lol, I apologize. I was just trying to make everyone laugh, and have some fun. I should watch what I say more often. Thanks for accepting the apology.
    13. stickmanmeyhem
      pville, I recommend you delet your post now. That argument has been over for eight hours and Scope said if anyone else spams that thread that the person in question would not only be infracted, but also recieve a red star. Star of Knights kinda started a fight between me and him, and it lasted an hour running rampant through the forums. We finally agreed it was over but we're still on thin ice with KB, Tz, and Scope.
    14. Playerhata27
      Seems I left a Profile Message on someone else, lol. Anyway the reason I left that one test was for I was invited to another one I previously signed up for. The map maker needed a lot of help, and I felt terrible not to show. And I have very high respect for you Pville. I've requested numerous stars for you, and can't recall being rude to you, but rather trying to send you a friend request. I just hope we can resolve this, and sorry for making you feel that way.
    15. Star iz Legiit
      Star iz Legiit
      Yes, I agree with you 100% on the testers guild thing
    16. xSharpshooter94
      thanks for having the balls to say that
    17. AceOfSpades
    18. AceOfSpades
      I have updated testing times to:

      Saturday: 7:00 PM EST - whenever
      *Sunday: 7:00 EST - whenever

      *I will only run this test if needed.
    19. Kidbomber
      Btw the List isent updated yet, but you are an Full Member fyi :)
    20. pvilleforger777
      yeah what about it though?
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