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    1. Hogframe
      Set "Base Player Traits" or whatever to "Weapon Pickup: Disabled". Then set "Respawn Traits" (under "advanced spawn traits") to "Weapon Pickup: Enabled".

      You can then set how long those traits last, aka how long they'll be able to pick up weapons for. Because respawn traits only work when a player respawns, they won't have these traits when they first spawn into a game. Simply have all players spawn into a Killball or a death pit when they first spawn to counteract this.

      I'll try and delete someone who hasn't been online in a while by tommorow.
    2. Hogframe
      Respawn Settings make you have certain settings every time you die, regardless of what killed you. As for the Predators, try adding some basic AAs and see how they work out (use a CP for the camo). I'd like to see how Jetpack, Evade, Armour Lock, Drop Shield amd Hologram work out. Right now I'm betting that Hologram will go a long way towards teamwork and distraction. Evade can be used to close the distance between prey (Predators need to melee once to kill, but "prey" needs to melee twice because of Shields).

      Jetpack, Armour Lock, and Drop Shield are the ones I can't fully see working, but would like to see tried anyways. Have you considered adding in Sprint to all classes by default?

      Anyways, I'd like to see the map in action.

      GT: hassanq : )
    3. Hogframe
      Also, please try and not make the Humans overpowered. I've seen people try to make working versions of a gametype like this before. It didn't work well. Keep Rockets to a bare minimum if you place them at all. Shotguns should come sparcely with no extra clips. Sniper are a bit less of a problem, but you should still limit it to no more than two total clips because of their one-shot kill on Aliens.

      Now, the biggest problem people seem to have with this concept is that they limit the weapons to one clip, set a longish respawn time on them, but then put six of that weapon in a pile, in the same part of the map. You've just given one person six full clips of Shotgun ammo. Please put these "potential problem" weapons on different sides of the room, if anywhere.

    4. Hogframe
      Another quick note: The only real way to prevent Aliens from picking up Human/Predator weapons is to make everybody spawn in kill-balls or a death room at the round's start, then setting Respawn Traits to allow people to pick up weapons for the first few seconds they spawn. Try timing how long it would take an Alien to grab a sword, get out of their spawn room, drop to the ground and grab a weapon, then make sure the Respawn Settings do not last long enough to let them do that.
    5. Hogframe
      Also, when building your map/gametype don't forget that this is a three-way duel.

      Humans should have to vigilantly watch their backs, the rooftops, and every other inch of visible space for invisible enemies, among others.

      The Aliens with their low health but considerable lunge and spawn advantage must use Infection-like tactics to either ambush, sneak up on, or purely rush the opposition.

      Predators must rely on tricks and other tactics to outwit and surprise prey who take a decent amount of damage from their weapons. Consider making their Custom Powerup give them a 10-25 meter radar for hunting purposes, along with an inability to pick up weapons.
    6. Hogframe
      Two things, and then I think we've just about covered all the bases.

      1) Yes. Editing the Custom Powerup options can give you the desired effects. Also, consider placing it by the Sender Node for the Predators if you don't decide to make teles camp-proof.

      2) Gameplay always comes before realism to an extant. If you think there's something you can do to improve gameplay drasticly at the cost of almost unknown cannon, do it. The tactical use of AAs and ability to lay traps for extended perods of time outweigh having a recharging camo.
    7. Hogframe
      I wrote this thinking you were going to make the Teleporters in a location you can get out of but not in to, to make them camp-proof. Anything else is questionable due to camping issues. The settings I see working best (I know this is your game, sorry if I'm intruding) would be No Shields with slightly heightened Damage Resistance. Human weapons would tear through Aliens if they attack headfirst. Likewise, Humans can group together and watch each other's backs to maximize safety. Predators would gain Shields and lower-than-normal Damage Resistance to give them slightly more health. Because they have nothing but plasma weapons, it'll take longer for them to kill enemies, balancing out their higher health. I also see a one-life, mulitple-round game working out the best. Again, sorry if this intrudes on your creative freedom of making the game.
    8. Hogframe
      Glad you decided to read through my post. About the double-posting issue, it's really not a problem if you double-post once to to answer a legitimate issue. If you still feel strongly against it, you could just edit your original post by using the Edit button. Your post will still remain on the third page if you edit, so I'd recommend you just double-post.

      Now, to answer a few things: If you use an Active Camo AA, you can only have four of them total. What's more, every time a predator dies it will take thirty or so seconds for them to even begin their respawn counter. This equals very few Camos throughout the game. What's more, using an AA limits the usage of all other AAs, making complex strategies mute. Also, what reason would a Predator need the option to turn off his Camo for?

      Alright, 1963 characters. I'm going to have to break this up...
    9. Hogframe
      Two things:

      1) I posted a reply to your AVP thing.

      2) When you reply to someone on your own profile, they don't see it...
    10. WaxyPumpkin72
      Okay, cool.

      The only reason I prefaced my VM with making sure I wasn't mean was because I've been being accused of being mean with my VMs lately around these forums... :(
    11. WaxyPumpkin72
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