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Apr 8, 2023
    1. iTz Longshot
      iTz Longshot
      hey man, I think months ago you talked about old Reach maps, and mentioned my map Anent. I now have it remade and posted for H5 ;)
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    2. DKViking
      thanks preacher, even though i am new to FH, I completely understand where you are coming from.
      1. Preacher001
        No worries . I just wanted to ensure you and others like you have a good FH experience. Again I don't think they had any ill intent or were even consciously trying to steal your thunder. Happy Forging!
        Jan 29, 2016
    3. theSpinCycle
      hey, I see you're active on the site again :) good to see you!
    4. theSpinCycle
      hey, you're back! more deathpit chat? lol
    5. Kazerra
      Yeah I did. The changes you made were interesting. I'll probably experiment with the second floor in the Side Room a bit to see if it works better or worse. Thanks for taking the time to give input on the map. :)
    6. theSpinCycle
      I'm talking about deathpits in general. Your idea, from what I understand of it, is fine.
    7. theSpinCycle
      I agree on the overwhelming. It seems that each of us is providing a different set of ideas to take the map in different but all fine ways, and he's understanding the concepts separately and trying to implement them all.. and the result is often not the greatest.

      I'm sorry, didn't download it :( I'll do that when I get on later, xbox is being used atm.

      I feel like deathpits are such an easy way out of creating lower levels with adequate flow.. as in "ah, screw this area, it's not going to get flow anyway, deathpit time." That doesn't really apply to falling off the map in entirely stupid locations (like jumping off by blue tower or your planned area), but when it comes to actually commiting suicide regularly in game, it's annoying.

      Basically, deathpits are only good when you don't die in them. (lol)
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      2. Preacher001
        "Basically, deathpits are only good when you don't die in them. (lol)"

        Reading this again like it's the first time is priceless.
        Sep 5, 2016
    8. theSpinCycle
      Very confused. I think I'll wait :P
    9. theSpinCycle
      Good luck for whatever you're becoming unconscious for.

      Play a game with me sometime, once you get your Live back?

      GT: thealm0ndkiller

      Also, what changes did you make to the map?
    10. theSpinCycle
      We began with death pits when I proposed that they were "wasted space."

      What do you think of his Fifth edit (or whatever it is up to now, he just posted a new one)? He removed the walkway to red and swapped the walkway to rocket area with the gravlift area.

      I understand your idea on the asteroid ledge, and I actually am starting to like it. It might also make it a bit harder to rocket/nade players traversing the courtyard, which is saying something because it's the ground floor. I still dislike it for the suicide without skillgap issue, although at least now it has a plus side as well.

      That being said, a railing in the same area could achieve the former goal and lower accidental suicides by strafe at the same time.
    11. theSpinCycle
      (read lower post first)

      Which walkway were you suggesting removing? The one from blue tower to red spawn or to the other side? I can understand the merits of both, but I'm not sure which (or both) you mean.

      Would you consider risk of suicide in getting to a power weapon a good way to balance it out? Do you think that allowing players to deny weapons to their killers by jumping into a death pit is a well-designed mechanic?
    12. theSpinCycle
      Oversimplify? No. I think that danger of a position is optimally determined by one's vulnerability in that position to the opponent. Doing this instead of implementing instant death pits emphasizes the skill gap more.

      One working deathpit scenario is when the deathpit drains your health and alerts the other player that you are there, perhaps through some noise. As such, the punishment comes from jumping in the pit, but the enforcement comes from the opposing player, so the skill gap still exists.

      Nothing should be on a map specifically to increase any feeling of self worth. Balance, and in Halo's case, a good matchmaking rank/setup system should allow players to feel like they are progressing. That is, how the player feels about his progression in the game matters, but it is a result rather than a cause of a good game.
    13. theSpinCycle
      So I'd like to talk to you more about map design, as I find your opinions very interesting, but I would rather not derail Kazerra's thread.

      I'll leave you to decide whether I'm acting the devil's advocate here:

      Wasted space inside a map is the enemy.

      The risk of falling off of the map should be real, and considered part of the design.
      Is not an area where there is no floor but you can fall off the map a "wasted space," as it serves no purpose but to kill players without regard to the skill of the other player?
    14. AtlasIsShruggin
      So I just looked and realized I told you I would put about 15 more hours into Unconquered... yeah I'm working on about 50+ more hours lol

      I'm calling it 3.1 but oh has there been so many more versions
    15. AtlasIsShruggin
      Hey finally posted on your map I'm sorry it took so long...
    16. AtlasIsShruggin
      I definitely see your point, when you play with the lift try taking out the grenade launcher and cut back the shotgun ammo to no extra clips. I know you like to put as many explosive weapons in a map that you can fit, but the concussion rifle is more than enough for this map. Cutting down the shotgun ammo for a map this small would be a good idea as well.

      And I know what you mean, Unconquered gets released and featured on FHF and someone comes in the other day and lays three amazing ideas on me which means I'll put another 10 or 15 hours on the map forging and testing. You'd think we would have learned by now that a map is never done :)
    17. AtlasIsShruggin
      So I took a look at Xenon and loved the blueness of it, I smell more swat magnum games soon! I did have some suggestions. Even though the shotgun spawns on the bottom, the dead end is hurting the flow of the map. I've built a lift to the top floor (A really cool one if I may say so) Which also solves the problem of the third floor feeling a bit awkward in it's current state. Finally where you have placed the brace large pieces on the second floor I added Y platforms into the wall (On just the one side) It's just the edge of the piece but the blue lights will break up that piece well. Great Job!

      Xenon Thoughts
    18. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      I didn't get around to the territories, sorry...the time to capture a point was too slow even in one second and it slowed the game too much.
      I haven't seen RRA, I'll check it out now!
    19. Organite
      It is pretty late.
      And I appreciate the feedback.

      Just remember that how you present something definitely effects how we would go about reviewing it.

      The Revenant Rally definitely sounds more casual and would probably be judged accordingly.
    20. AtlasIsShruggin
      The silence is over...

      Illyria Post

      Please comment and download!

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