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Jul 29, 2016 at 8:24 PM
Apr 16, 2009
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Plasma Blades

Promethean, from Narnia

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Jul 29, 2016
    1. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy

      I basically just got back a month or so ago, so I really don't know...

      Well, you know about the fileshare blackout right? I think that's the cause for the lack of activity of late.
    2. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      You're back!

      Oh yeah, and I didn't have a mic that TGIF 'cause I had a friend over who rarely gets to visit, and my lil bro was down with us as well.
    3. neverendinghalo
      nice to see you back on Halo ;)
    4. serumembryo

      your profile pic is win
    5. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Hey Blades,

      You still hosting customs lobbies on Fridays? Just curious, 'cause I may be free this Friday, and I got something I need tested with a small amount of people and I haven't played with ya in too long.
    6. Organite
      Hey Blades,

      I was wanting to know what you were doing for the RH this cycle.

      I feel the need to bother you because there's been a recent lapse in activity lately and I'd like to see that... you know... gone.
    7. LD
      Thanks again for the wonderful feedback for Of Legions, you really helped me to make the map better. If you find any way for me to return the favor, just ask and I will see what I can do ♥

      Oh and now that I released Of Legions 1.3, can I bother the RH again with it to see if you like it better now, or is that not allowed?
    8. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Yeah...well, we aren't out yet, we still have an LB to mow through. You WILL be back for that, right? Oh, and I asked if they wanted to play an off-the-record game when you got back just for posterity's sake, are you all right with that?
    9. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Nope, tomorrow is the cutoff. Ah well, I guess that's a forfeit. It's okay, we would've probably lost anyway, so we'll just chill in the LB kicking ass again.
    10. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Um...I need confirmation that you can play on Friday at 5 for the 2v2. Just sayin.
    11. SargeantSarcasm
      Your sig is too big dude. Text or Pic, course you could always do a smaller combination of the two.
    12. That Scorch Guy
    13. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Thanks ya! So 8ish tonight? We need 12 to test it, and if you want to run any Incision map afterward I'll stick around, it's only fair.
    14. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      True, true. I just feel like I'm not helping enough...
    15. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      ...maybe...the edit button is a nice guy...

      Anytime...say...8ish, unless something comes up in which case I will let you know?
      Oh, and ima proofin your Review now. WRITE WORSE SO I CAN FIX STUFF! As is I'm simply suggesting things...I can't really find much you should change...
    16. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Darn...tomorrow then? Is it a possibility?
    17. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Heya, can you run First Tracks tonight at the CGN pl0x? I need another test there before I write my section...due today...and I will be on for a little bit, maybe an hour, about 7:30 to 8:30 and I'd rather not compete for players in a separate lobby. So pwease? Also, keep in mind I'm proofing your review in about an hour, teehee.
    18. Poolio
      Hey, go check out our group battle thread. Me and My partner are available anytime before thursday.
    19. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      BTW if we actually win a game I'm linking that to the thread.
      Oh, we should probably practice as well...
    20. That Scorch Guy
      That Scorch Guy
      Agreed. It's brilliant.
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