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Aug 25, 2013
    1. BedCedric
      Thank you! Good idea! I have two others, but your idea is the best solution. I continue to seek for the final version.
    2. PeteTacular 42
      PeteTacular 42
      Yeah, I thought he basically reconstructed off someone else's version. I didn't think he stole the idea tho because he mentioned him. He did tell me that it was a friend doing the construction as he detailed the map, so they were working together. It just confused me because he didn't make it clear that they worked together on the map, so I tried searching for the other map version when in fact there was none!

      The funny thing is that I was just trying to tell him a better description would help sell his map, instead, he just updated his post explaining his friend was the constructor as he helped add detail. So many people have attempted remaking lockout, it all seems the same after awhile. My point is if you don't give a good description explaining what makes yours stand out from all the others, then people won't care to try it out. Apparently, he didn't get that, so I gave up explaining :/
    3. Hogframe
      Yeah, after a while here nothing really surprises you : )

      So, you meant that someone else made the first Lockout remake, or someone else actually made that exact remake that we commented on?

      If someone else made that map, and the guy who made that thread didn't give any credit, then it's a stolen map. Whoever made that post (I'm trying to find it now) could get in pretty serious trouble for that.
    4. Hogframe
      I hope you realize that TheFalconite didn't make Lockout...
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