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    1. thesilencebroken
      Closing in on completion! I'll need some badass players to see if this actually is worth competitive play. lol
    2. Nutduster
      Ah, Halo 3 'nades. Those were beauties. In my memory all the pre-Reach 'nades bounced better than they do now. CE grenades were devastating because they bounced well, had a long fuse (but a big blast radius), and a high throwing arc. Halo 2 I have less specific memories of (perhaps I've played too many Halo games since then!) but I do recall that what we called "trickler" 'nades - bouncing one off a corner or the floor as you fled with someone in pursuit - was an art that I was a master of. Especially on Lockout.
    3. Nutduster
      I think I've always been more OK with corner wars, maybe because I used to be such a CQC guy myself & I still like bouncing 'nades off walls. I might be one of the few people deliberately using frags just so I can bounce them - though as you say, they don't bounce like they used to. It can certainly be annoying when people grab a sword/shotty, camp, and stare at their motion tracker. But the interesting wrinkle is that two things I kind of dislike about H4 - the boltshot as a loadout option, and pro-vision's effect on the game - make corner camping with a sword less valid as more than a single-encounter strategy. Not moving doesn't hide you from being seen, and having a sword doesn't mean you automatically win those corner confrontations. I think everyone has been turned into a potential corner warrior, and it sort of negates the cheapness of being that one guy who got the sword or shotty and refuses to move until its ammo has been exhausted on every noob running around Countdown.
    4. Nutduster
      It might also, strangely enough, be the map that almost justifies the boltshot for me. Sword would be intolerable on Adrift except that everyone has a counter that you just have to be slightly skilled to pull off. And the constant possibility of getting boltshotted means those corridors are so dangerous that all the real action is pushed to the two bases and the atrium; there's not usually a cluster**** of chaos in the hallways because those battles end almost as soon as they begin. It plays... interestingly.
    5. Nutduster
      The absence of ANY forged map from MM speaks volumes. The inclusion of three separate forge environments is sure starting to look like a waste of disc space, for all they're doing with it.

      I've come around somewhat on Adrift, by the way. Totally corridor-y maps aren't quite my thing and the bases are a bit too defensible, but I enjoy playing on it now that I've wrapped my head around how to approach it strategically. That might be my 2nd favorite of the mid-sized maps after Haven, since I'm increasingly tired of fighting guys on rooftops and getting camo-sniped on Complex.
    6. Nutduster
      Not only would it be a nice gesture, but it benefits them too, so long as the content generated from it is usable in matchmaking. Of course, I'm wondering right now if much of anything from forge will end up in matchmaking - so far they've been dodging that issue completely (unlike Reach, which perhaps embraced it too strongly from the get go).
    7. Nutduster
      It's almost enough to make me not want to buy the DLC. But who am I kidding - I play Halo year-round, I basically have to have it. Even if, like with Reach, I end up playing it 70% less than the on-disc maps...

      I think my bad feelings about this would be greatly mitigated by some kind of free DLC for a change. God, remember those days? Bungie of course made their original map packs free after some amount of time, but they also would just give away freebies sometimes, like Cold Storage. It's hard to picture this new regime ever giving away any-damn-thing.

      A free, fourth forge map that fixes a lot of the existing problems and expands the palette by a lot would make me so much happier about this game. I think I'll sit around and daydream about that for a while.
    8. Nutduster
      Oh, right, I get you. Yeah, I suppose I should be more actively disappointed about that, but at this point I'm basically just assuming that all the DLC was developed as part of the game, more or less. It's completely cynical at this point: they just devote some resources to that additional revenue stream and assume that it's so much the norm by now that the players won't care. Which, aside from us, they don't.

      Brave new world.
    9. Nutduster
      Do you mean the "revelation" that they were developing the map months ago? That's not especially surprising, really. This map pack is coming out so close to Halo 4's release that they obviously must have had it 99% done by the time the game shipped.
    10. MultiLockOn
      just a few competitive maps, that's all :)
    11. MultiLockOn
      No reason, was seeing if youd like to look over a few things I'm throwing together in Halo. Unlike most on this site you actually seem knowledgeable, and mature. I only ever published one map in Reach before I gave up on it, I really wasn't a fan of Reach.
    12. MultiLockOn
      I suppose, but more often than not I find myself having to show friends a youtube video or a song I found, and someone always mentions that the speaker on my S2 is unusually loud compared to an iPhone. I wouldn't mind having a grill flanking the top and bottom of my screen to be honest, it's really all in implementation though. We'll see how it all plays out. By the way, this might seem like a ridiculous question but you forge, correct? :P
    13. MultiLockOn
      Oh I've only heard praise for the speakers on the N10, I don't now why it's taken this long for someone to place them on the front. I really do hope to see phones follow suit in the placement. And yeah, intel seems to be out of it, not sure what's going on over there.
    14. Mr Pokephile
      Mr Pokephile

      Although its funny, I've posted my videos to /r/Halo before, just to be down voted, however when someone else posts one... OH I SEE HOW IT IS!

      Kidding, it's still really awesome to have some traffic coming my way!
    15. Mr Pokephile
      Mr Pokephile
      Saw that when I woke up this morning, very nice surprise.
    16. MultiLockOn
      On another note ARM is expected to push out the A50 series chipsets (quite a jump from a15 eh?). They say it multiplies current chipset performance by 10 times (A57 = desktop performance) and have a more affordable A53 architecture as well. Interesting stuff.
    17. MultiLockOn
      Well yeah I'm aware it's for tabs, my reasoning is still there though. It's all for advertisement purposes. The amount of posts I see on XDA of people complaining that a phone is 'only a dual core' or 'clearly better because its a quad' drives me insane. Imagine that when Sammy pumps out an octocore chipset. HOLYLMFAOMG 8 cores thats the best!!!! Yeah :P But to be totally honest if that ever did come out on a tablet within the next year I'd probably rush out to buy it, I've been interested in a tablet for a while, but I can't really justify buying any for the price. The nexus 10 if anything was going to tip me with the monster specs, but with the amount of problems I've been reading about it on the forums, I decided not to. 4.2 is a shoddy build, poor browsing, poor battery life, excessive light bleed, washed out colors, phablet ui, etc.
    18. thesilencebroken
      Just gonna be multi-leveled. Forerunner-esc. Heavy focus on control and movement.
    19. thesilencebroken
      After being inspired by several different pieces of geometry from the game, I have decided I'm gonna make my first ever competitive arena map. Just for you.
    20. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      "If you can spawn with shotties then Frankie had better start sleeping with one."

      So very well put, my good man.

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