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    1. RightSideTheory
    2. Nutduster
      Motivation is tough for this kind of thing - there are really no rewards except the occasional pat on the back or someone sucking up to you because your name is recognizable/a different color.
    3. Nutduster
      I'll put in a good word for ya. Though I'm not sure anybody would listen much to the new journo who hasn't written word 1 yet.
    4. Transactionzero
      You know you're always welcome.
    5. Nutduster
      You really ought to. You're my favorite reasonable guy around here - the staff needs more of them.
    6. Nutduster
      Didn't it though?

      When are you going to become a staffer? You spend enough damn time here...
    7. thesilencebroken
      yessir. It's up. Enjoy it in all of it's awful goodness.
    8. thesilencebroken
      Yeah, I'll throw that up there now.
    9. thesilencebroken
      Also, in my fileshare (I'm sure you'll end up playing it) I made a version of Infinity Slayer. It's exactly the same, except in this version the personal ordnance isn't every power weapon in the game. It's things that should resupply the person. Power weapons should already be on each map, and map specific.

      So it's:

      LEFT - various primary weapons
      DOWN - various grenades
      RIGHT - various secondary weapons / needler / scattershot (low weighting)
    10. thesilencebroken
      It was mostly people just shooting the **** out of each other from all levels of the second floor. Everyone was far more offensive and much less defensive than I thought they'd be.
    11. thesilencebroken
      It wasn't much of holding anything down as it was more like a mosh pit. haha

      I guess the top and mid floors of blue and red saw the longest holding.
    12. thesilencebroken
      we'll see. I'll have you in on it and see how it goes before making judgements.
    13. thesilencebroken
      Really fast and hectic. Without tactic or strategy. Sort of what I hated about Midship. haha. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad with Infinity slayer... if you could just turn off personal ordnance all the time.
    14. thesilencebroken
      It played... not how I wanted.
    15. thesilencebroken
      rough. tomorrow then, hopefully.
    16. thesilencebroken
      1 and a half hours! Then I'll be calling upon you.
    17. SargeantSarcasm
      Hahahaha I know. Isn't there a last strike medal now? Not sure if I dreamed that.
    18. SargeantSarcasm
      I literally went "how would Shanon strafe" and got it down in one game. Could probably still use work but it instantly went from dying anytime I was double teamed to breaking off with doubles almost every time.

      Reg fails in that people can win the game despite never having touched kingship. The bounty system is ****ed. Though it is rather fun to see your surreptitious, sneak-run through underused areas playstyle come out on top at the very end game after game.

      CTF I can agree. But I HATED hearing the flag dropped flag recovered **** every second. Their solution wasn't very clever. Instant spawning is rather annoying. I feel very very cheap killing someone that JUST killed me, but it's unavoidable, unlike spawn-killing in say, COD.
    19. thesilencebroken
      Get on sir, and I'll show you the map, as it's physically done. Just doing spawns and gametypes and junk. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to myself and I used all but $30... so I hope the layout is devoid of gameplay issues. haha
    20. SargeantSarcasm
      Shanon engages douche mode whenever we play Team Reg, which is to say, if we're both bottom mid on Haven, neither of us are king, and the entire team descends upon us, I will get 45 points for Wingman.

      But he's cool on every other game type. That said, I rape so hard with a sniper rifle, and now that I've actually considered faking out in a strafe, kills everywhere. I haven't played FFA Regicide much, but man, I rape so hard.

      CTF is great, team oddball has never been better. Good game is good.
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