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    1. SargeantSarcasm
      I know exactly how to do it. My best friend does it. He's actually the worst type of player (Armor Locking was his love in H4), and he knows it, and will argue it to death if I push him on the matter. So it's just a silent acceptance by the both of us.
    2. SargeantSarcasm
      "I wait, tactically, Sarge."
    3. SargeantSarcasm
      I haven't played MM in forever. Just recently started hosting weekly customs parties in preparation for my youtube plans. Making minigames.

      Probably getting back into it soon. Especially with that new playlist coming up. But then again, players like you are the reason I get annoyed. ****ing boltshot campers.
    4. SargeantSarcasm
      I had no idea there was another contract up. That's awesome.

      Are you still enjoying H4?
    5. SargeantSarcasm
      So what's with MLG leaving Halo.
    6. Nutduster
      Yeah, it's only when I start playing all afternoon on the weekend and then two or three nights during the week that she starts getting annoyed with me. So I try not to push it.
    7. Nutduster
      You know actually, my wife is cool with me playing quite a bit - but I still find it easiest to have 4-hour Halo marathons when she's out of the house. If I do them while she's around, she gives me The Look after about hour #3, and then I feel guilty all throughout that last hour...
    8. Nutduster
      I'm guessing it will be around 10:30 or 11 AM EST, because that's when my wife goes out for a few hours with a friend of hers. That usually ends up being a big chunk of my gaming hours each week.
    9. Nutduster
      By the way, boltshot abuse is just the nature of Halo 4. I do it too, sad to say. It amazes me that people still try to argue that weapon isn't way overpowered for a loadout option.
    10. Nutduster
      I doubt I'll make it on tonight, but Saturday's looking wide open...
    11. Nutduster
      Get on your XBox once in a while, dammit.
    12. Nutduster
      You magnificent bastard.
    13. RightSideTheory
      Thanks for your honest answer, you have a lot of really valid points and I'm sorry that you feel out of touch to some extent.
    14. RightSideTheory
      So, don't take me too seriously, but do you mind if I ask why you retired from being a journalist a while ago?
    15. Monolith
      Oh hahah I was very disconcerted there for a while. You should take a look at this.
      It's about leadership, but also talks about multitasking and social technology (but take it with a grain of salt as his audience is freshmen at West Point). I think you would like it
    16. Monolith
      Monolith that reliable?
    17. Monolith
      Sorry for not replying to the Tech Thread. You've posted a lot of interesting points but I don't have the time or resources to make a valuable response, at least yet. Anyway, can you link me the article? I'd be interested in reading it
    18. korndogking312
      hey im new to forge hub i was woundering if i can get a copy of ur awsometown map.
    19. Carter1234
      Isn't the same without you in color, man.
    20. Cryppy!
      Thanks for the info but i figred i hadnt actually cleared the cookies for about 3 years so i thought it was probably time to clear it up. Will remember for future reference.
      And thanks! Its awesome to be part of the staff!
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