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    1. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      They were insults and who ever you would say those quotes to would find it insulting. What is your whole point here. I walked away and you're still hammering away.
    2. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      Are you honestly, genuinely telling me that no one could reasonably refer to pro gaming before 2011?

      Says the guy who uses grey colours to denote my quotes rather than actual quotes half the time? Replying to your posts is awkward because of this, but I'm soooooooo sorry for making your life harder by assuming you can remember things you yourself said.

      My point was that WWWilliam started off the discussion of whether pro level play is important in balancing, so why does YOUR definition of pro gamer take precedence?

      Seriously, do you even read stuff before you respond to it?

      You rest your case based on a ridiculous assertion with absolutely no facts to back it up? Whichever law school you attended didn't do a very good job...
      Just to name a few. And BTW, I was referring to 2002 MLG and prior. Don't know where you got 2011 from. I said before MLG and before Halo: CE, pro gaming was unheard of. I meant it in a passive sense, not literally.
    3. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      You rest your case based on a ridiculous assertion

      Let that sink in for a second.

      Apart from that's not what you said. Oh but I forget, whether people in the US know about something is the only important factor, right? And everyone and their dog in the US knows about MLG, right?

      How so? I'm accepting your ridiculous premise and proving that, even accepting, you're still wrong.

      Have you been practicing your debating with 5 year olds?

      Oh, I'm off base here. I guess you put me in my place. Consider this argument over. Hooweee, you sure proved me wrong!
      There's some.
    4. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      Please stop insulting me, especially on my own profile. You took the conversation there way to personal. I'm just tired of writing a book for every post to reply. It's not a matter of who won anything, you started throwing insults out, so I left the conversation. Sorry.
    5. Nutduster
      Perfectly understandable. I've been there about a hundred times before - lately though, I feel myself dodging threads that I know are going to turn into those long, rambling discussions of semantics and nitpicking galore. Just not enough hours in the day!
    6. Nutduster
      I admire your ongoing dedication to trying to talk sense into brick walls.
    7. Matty
    8. Monolith
      They're calling the cops! Put it away!
    9. Nutduster
      You know I got your back, son.
    10. SargeantSarcasm
      You should probably send me a message on XBL so I don't forget. That's what I have everyone else do lol.
    11. SargeantSarcasm
      I capped stuff today... thought I was missing something, then just now remembered.
    12. SargeantSarcasm

      I can probably grab them today. Is 720 good or did you want them in 1080? Latter is .m2ts
    13. RightSideTheory
      You gon' get laaaaaid tonight, son.

      Ah man, you are distinctly my favorite.
    14. SargeantSarcasm
      You already have a dropbox account?

      Snuff Box - **** You - YouTube
    15. SargeantSarcasm
      Depends on if you already have a Dropbox account or not.

      But yes.
    16. DRiSCOLL
      How's it going bud? prob need some testing on the map I finished awhile ago, hit you up some day.
    17. SargeantSarcasm
      Yeah but it is a pretty easy line to draw.
    18. SargeantSarcasm
      I walked into my room today and my stepbrother goes:

      "Hey do you know anyone that hates Halo 4? Like really hates it."
      "Are they-"

      and before he could finish the sentence:

      "Yes... very competitive."
    19. SargeantSarcasm
      I liked it in Halo 2 but I cannot understand why people keep remaking it with each successive game, especially when it clearly doesn't play well with the new mechanics.
    20. SargeantSarcasm
      Boltshot ****ery negates any claim you have to being anything near honorable. **** that gun.

      Played that lockout remake in the forge test playlist. ****ing camping team in sniper tower the ENTIRE time. It was a joke.
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