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    1. Stevo
      You could post it on in the mean time? I still want to actually play it as I don't think we've got a full game on it yet :(
    2. Stevo
      Nah, sorry dude. Just keep retrying with the extractor, and make sure you run as administrator with everything (ctrl+shift+enter when opening CMD). It worked for me like 1 in 10 attempts lol.
    3. Stevo
      Lol... it didn't.
      I wanted to Forge it with someone so they could help me on aesthetics and piece usage so I'm not just doing the same stuff I always am, and I never got round to getting in to Forge with anyone.
    4. Stevo
      To answer your question
    5. Stevo
      Cool beans... I still have a lot to measure up unfortunately.
      So I'll work on trying to get everything measured up before the re-forge.
    6. Stevo
      Cool beans! I should be on tomorrow!!
      I started working on The Pit. I've got some good measurements up, but I think I'm going to have to restart it on Impact so I can use more map specific pieces (made it on Erosion.. which kinda sucks for object count)

      So yeah, could do with your help on that if you're game?
    7. Stevo
      Morning Fella!
      How's your progress on the Narrows remake? I saw another guy's completed it and put a preview in Forge Discussion but it isn't to scale in width, so the whole map looks a bit 'off'. You need to get yours done soon!!
    8. Stevo
      No worries dude.
      I've got some completed versions up. Just need feedback really on which map looks and works better out of the two versions. I've found one version has a rather slow paced gameplay with not much central activity, and another is really fast paced with good all round map flow...

      But, the slower paced map works better with Snipers, and the fast paced map plays flag a lot better.
    9. Stevo
      Yeah, no idea who they are like... but it's a joke the **** bouncers get away with!!
      It's like a damn gang. They have the backs of the police, the police have their backs... just two gangs beating people for the sake of it.
    10. Stevo
      Indeed. There's some **** bouncers out in Durham like. Two bouncers beat the **** out of a lass a few weekends back just because she was shouting to her mates from a balcony... absolutely ridiculous. Police sided with the bouncers as well, and the lass was only shouting to her mates and doing nothing wrong. Absolutely joke.
    11. Stevo
      A city night out is obviously better than a town or village, but you also pay like 10times the prices and entry fees, and you'll often find half the people actually out are cunts as well... not to mention the doormen. I remember going out round Wakefield this one time and was walking down the street with a drink from the last club (we were literally walking like 20 yards) and a doorman just ran up smacked my hand so I dropped the drink and then walked off. All he had to say was "Can you drink that inside before you leave?"...

      Arseholes. -_-
    12. Stevo
      Yeah, I've gotta admit I prefer a country lifestyle than a city one... Cities are just too... busy? I hate people, so with thousands of people constantly in my way and pissing me off... me and the country have a better time together :P
    13. Stevo
      I'm originally from Yorkshire, currently live in the North East near Sunderland. West Country? Where abouts?
    14. Stevo
      Sure :)
    15. Stevo
      Cheers for the comment dude :)
      Yeah, Elite Slayer isn't really fit for the map lol.
      I'll have to try get a game with you on Reach tonight on your map. I want to see what the sightlines are like.
    16. Eightball
      I'm doing pretty good, man. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with too!

      Halo 4 is right around the corner :P
    17. Eightball
      Thanks, brother. :)

      How have you been?
    18. Eightball
      Hey, thanks <3
    19. Eightball
      Thanks for the help n stuff :P
    20. Eightball
      Don't be too hard on yourself. Make a v2 of it and you never know, it could turn out even better.

      Yes, sadly I am without an xbox. Hopefully one day I'll get another one.
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