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May 28, 2017
    1. firenight66
    2. THE CUJ0
      THE CUJ0
      Hi! Can you help me change my username? I want to change it to ' THE CUJ0 ' . That's a number 0 at the end. If you're unable to, can you tell me how to? Thank you. Andy
    3. Chesus Khrist
      Chesus Khrist
      This is Chesus_Khrist confirming my account.
    4. Chesus Khrist
      Chesus Khrist
      Hello, I just recovered my old account from halo 3 times you_by_cat. Can you please change the name of this account to something random then change my you_by_cat account to my current name Chesus_Khrist. This will make it so my updated info will have the halo 3 title under it
    5. Autonamus
      Do me a favour and make that notice dismisable?
    6. Cryptokid
      Not that I really care anymore, but just a heads up. You need a 57x57 image titled appletouchicon.png on the forum's root directory. If you have an old forum backup it should be there still and you can transfer it. It's basically just the icon iDevices use when you add a bookmark to the home screen.
    7. Juanez Sanchez
      Juanez Sanchez
      Hey buddy, what's wrong with my avvy? It seems fine to me!
      1. oVR
        If you reupload it then it will size appropriately. Like if I click your name and the member card pops up then the avatar should fill the entire space but it actually only shows the same size that it was on the old forums.
        Sep 28, 2013
    8. VwS Executioner
      VwS Executioner
      Yo over you should like bring back you know....colored words in the shout box if been hearing from ppl...that...they want to see my words in lavender colors n other colors aswell <.< >.> you didn't hear it from me
    9. VwS Executioner
      VwS Executioner
      Yo overkill do you think you can make it so when you post in the shout box on the left hand side next to your username it says what day and time your wrote your shout because I never know whenever I get on it if the convo is 2minutes or 12hours ago
      1. oVR
        yep, gonna look into that, other things much higher on priority list though so it might take some time
        Sep 14, 2013
      2. VwS Executioner
        VwS Executioner
        Cool ty if you need help in the shout box I'm mostly always in it
        Sep 14, 2013
    10. Tedium
      That Gold Post trophy - is it a default Xenforo trophy, or...?
      1. oVR
        no, its custom, why do you ask?
        Sep 10, 2013
      2. Tedium
        Was just wondering how you managed to do it. Figured it was a pretty cool idea, couldn't figure out how to define the criterion using the given options, wondered how you guys managed it :)
        Sep 11, 2013
    11. HissingWings
      I was just checking my settings and I realized my birth year was wrong, I must have made a typo. I was wondering if you could change it. The date is right, only the year is wrong. It should be 1997
    12. Spawn of Saltine
      Spawn of Saltine
      Family Guy - Ostrich Laugh - YouTube
    13. Audienceofone
      Did you ever get my skype message about a week ago? I'm beginning to wonder...
    14. Astiir
      Thanks : )
    15. A Special Moose
      A Special Moose
      Dear ruler im still waiting for a reply. I realize your holiness is busy but i would invite you to read the forum rules and notice that none if them was broken. Thanks for your time :)
    16. Astiir
      Would it be possible to get my Forge Hub name changed to Astiir ?
    17. A Special Moose
      A Special Moose
      Dear Ruler, I also would like permission to shout again. Your Incompetent staff has infracted me for doing something which is not against forum rules. Thank You
    18. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      So... When will I be able to post again and interact with the shoutbox, almighty ruler?
    19. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      Thanks for proving my point.
    20. theSpinCycle
      Overkill, could you please change my username to "theSpinCycle"?

      That's my username on every other website and it's starting to bug me :p
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