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"I am become Death, destroyer of worlds" -Ronald M

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RivalMass, from Washington

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Mar 15, 2013
    1. Cryppy!
      Yep its there along with 3 unique gametypes created specifically for Episphere. And its funny, i make maps, but im hardly ever in customs... I need to change that lol.
    2. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      I have experience but I would need like a made one so I can see size of the image and and how it's laid out then you tell me a theme and I'll get to work and make you a few.
      I can even design whole websites, here's an image of a Halo 4 clan one I made.

    3. Cryppy!
      Oh its ready, im just gonna wait. If you wanna start capturing footage now go for it, but yeah i may use the video you make in the map post.
    4. Cryppy!
      Ah so you're Oakly HiDef. I have you online but cannot remember who i have added from Forgehub. That would be absolutely awesome if it were featured on a channel of that calibre! Ive read a bit about THFE and seen several of your vids, and seems like an awesome group! The map and gametypes are all in my fileshare so if you know how to access it, go for it. Right now the map is only unofficially released, but when 343 fixes their ****, its gonna have a big official welcome.
    5. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      I sent you a FR on Live. Anything specific you want to know? If you want to use my map in your youtube channel that's fine, just give me props. Or if you want to play some CTF and use one of the games for a video, that's cool too.
    6. Naughty Badger
      Naughty Badger
      Can I have someone else put the map on their file share since my gold expired? This is for the PB THFE contest
    7. A 7ft Sasquatch
      A 7ft Sasquatch
    8. Minion
      Could you please check out my new preview please? Thanks!
    9. Strault
      *that last message was not a hostile tone, just so there's no confusion*
    10. Strault
      Hey Oakley, listen, there's a map of mine that looks like your cryo asthetics vid map. I want to say it now, I didn't copy you. I thought your cryotube idea was fricking amazing, and I decided that I wanted to make a map based around the same thing. Basically I just want to say that you guys( you know, THFE) are awesome and that my map, which is called Cryo-929, is sorta based around the sweet idea you had, so thanks.
    11. REMkings
      Thank you Oakley! Awesome feature, very thorough and elaborate, and thanks for all the kind words. :D
      And the funny touch you gave it was very cool too :P
    12. Waterfall
      Hey I want to say thanks for the offer for the announcement for the FFC (even if that offer never does come to light)it will help a lot
      Thanks again
    13. Psychoduck
    14. REMkings
      Hey, I had a question about your announcement video. Can we talk about it on Skype soon? (Basically I was wondering when you're going to post it, so I can keep it in mind and create some sort of sign up thread. But we'll talk about it.)
    15. SawtoothMoney86
      hey oakley i'll make a preview post of ZMP-Laboratory and then can you make some suggestions about it?
    16. Waterfall
      Do you remember a little while back I asked if you would take a look at one of my mini aesthetic maps because I have some interesting covenant vehicle designs?well are you still up for that?because I could use some help with my dioramas as well.i have several interesting exhibits and two dioramas.
      One of my favorite showcases depicts a warthog being chased by a ghost down a bridge and both vehicles go flying off the end of the broken bridge.the vehicles are suspended in the air so it really captures the moment.
    17. REMkings
      If you have enough time to make a video for BIOC and feel like doing it too, just tell me, and I'll find you something to do. :)
      Like I said before, I have a ton of ideas for the channel so there should never be a content shortage.
    18. REMkings
      New update: I've been talking with Pokephile and unfortunately he has to retire from making vids for the BIOC channel :(
      He's simply too busy with other stuff to be occupied with it. He would've liked doing it, he said, and I believed him. He's definitely very dedicated to Infection as a gamemode.

      Either way, I'm probably going to contact SkiD514 to take his place since that's what he recommended me doing. Hopefully we can get the channel on air soon, whenever it's up I'll give you a call so you can put a video on THFE, linking all the Infection fans to us for once and for all and no longer having to put reminder videos on THFE. (But maybe we could still do a short referring video every once in a while, to send new fans to it as well. I mean videos with a summary of footage on the BIOC channel, basically. It'll work out, eventually.)
    19. Waterfall
      Ok thanks no problem abt the delay I'm in testin too.
    20. Waterfall
      Hey I have been working on a co-forge with a friend.
      I do not have a Facebook so I cannot submit there.
      But I would really appreciate it if you could come in a game and check it out.
      It would go in your competitive map section.
      The map name is impurity it as a 2v2 and 3v3 MLG style map that from our testing is working very well.
      We are both very proud of the map and it would be amazing to get a feature.or at least a vid for a map preview.
      Let me know if you could join our game and take a look :)
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