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May 3, 2010
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Jul 24, 2011
    1. Oo iRoNy oO
      Oo iRoNy oO
      Yo dude we need to make an Ironyte v2
    2. thesilencebroken
      My problem doesn't lie with you. You're merely associated with some members who have made a pretty unwelcoming mood for themselves with a lot of our members. You and me are good.
    3. thesilencebroken
      Additionally, the staff just spend 3 days downloading and playing custom game sessions in search of NON COLORED maps. Over 50 maps were played total. A lot of them awful. Some promising. All could be improved upon. Amalgam was the first to be played actually. It didn't do much for us. We give him feedback, but it was dismissed because we played it wrong. Why did we play it wrong? Because he posted it incorrectly on the forum on purpose to gain more attention for himself. This should be fine with him though, since his map is obtaining more "famous" attention.
    4. thesilencebroken
      I'm sick of the over aggression towards the staff when someone doesn't get their ways. SS has been very conceited regarding his map, and he's obviously your friend and you're on his side. He complains of cliques and unfair bias, but then he delivers a map and has his buddies bumping it on a forum he trashes. Calling the staff "ass hats" isn't earning himself any favors.

      Regarding you, I clicked on your map thread to check out the progress. Had you not bothered to include that tripe about Shad0w and how corrupt the staff is, I would've been happy to tell you they look pretty good so far and I was interested in seeing more.
    5. thesilencebroken
      You don't have a clue what you're talking about.
    6. thesilencebroken
      Nah, I have one of the best attitudes on the site actually. You just know nothing about me. You know that your buddy's map didn't get featured, and that Shadow Viper's did. You wanna know why I'm not gonna look at your maps? Because you took time to work on them. I'm not going to spend my personal time looking at your work and showing it appreciation when I could look at other promising new members work who don't run their mouths about the site and bash the people who spend their time running it for free.

      How about that? It takes time and effort to run a site and please thousands of people. People who appreciate that deserve the attention. Not you and your stupid group of buttsore friends.
    7. ehand88
      No worries man I know how it is. I have been pretty busy myself thats why I submitted it to the TG in the first place.
    8. ehand88
      Hey I was just wondering if you had any feedback for my map O2 that was in the testers guild? If you didn't get around to it thats fine, I was just wanted to ask. Thanks.
    9. SecretSchnitzel
      Dude, where the hell have you disappeared to?
    10. Paranoia UK
      Paranoia UK
      Thats cool thanks dude. I was trying to get a crew together for map testing. I managed to get enough people in the end which was good. Thanks for the message. :)
    11. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Forum signatures are maximum 500px wide by 200px tall. This includes all text and images.
    12. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Fix yo' signature bro.
      200px high.
    13. Oo iRoNy oO
      Oo iRoNy oO
      Hey send a message to an admin to see if they can change the name of the MP to Project://Eventide.
    14. Oo iRoNy oO
      Oo iRoNy oO
      LOLZ Sure no problem.
    15. WaxyPumpkin72
      What's your GT? Nyte?
    16. WaxyPumpkin72
      Got a problem with mah sig, boi? :P
    17. Youtuber
    18. Oo iRoNy oO
      Oo iRoNy oO
      Mkay So have you advanced at all? I was going to work on the lift, but I needed to line it up with top mid, and I need you to work on that first.
    19. Oo iRoNy oO
    20. stickmanmeyhem
      You available on Xbox right now?
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