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Jan 9, 2015
    1. SecretSchnitzel
      You still around duder?
    2. Juanez Sanchez
      Juanez Sanchez
      Hey man, i wont be able to run the tcoj lobby tonight so i was wondering if you might be able to fill in for me. Its my wedding anniversary so i wwont be on at all. If you are too busy its okay- one of the other chaps will do it i am sure :-)
    3. SecretSchnitzel
      No worries man. And you know, you might just be right... Or his investment just might turn out amazing depending on Halo 5 and all... Really, it just comes down to if the Halo community some how revives itself.

      A bunch of us are making moves to learn different SDK's now rather than continuing on with forge. I'm learning Unreal Script. A couple of the guys are working with UDK, and a few with Hammer. IMHO, forge is good as dead from where we stand as designers due to it's limitations.
    4. SecretSchnitzel
      I just feel that it's too soon to write any of these guys off. There's gonna be hiccups, of course, but we can't let our egos get bruised over it. I hope that my faith in these guys is well placed, but only time will tell... As for contacting the staff over personal grievances, I recommend using Skype rather than PMs. I know Overkill isn't exactly responsive to PMs, but he's generally easy to communicate with on Skype.
      I appreciate you talking this out with me man. Thanks.
    5. SecretSchnitzel
      You are right in that aspect, I really don't know much (if anything) of any of the progress that was made while I was away. Honestly, I'm probably more charitable towards the new staff as they're significantly more approachable for me and also a lot more transparent than the previous group. Unlike where the last group, I know where these guys stand and don't have to worry about any moderators going out of their way to infract me because of preconceived impressions of who I am... Although, arguably, the previous staff's perception of myself was probably well founded considering how much of a **** I was in the past.
    6. SecretSchnitzel
      I'm just saying it seems like you and some of the other guys are a bit bent out of shape over the whole turnover thing man. I'm just trying to paint a clear picture that the new staff aren't out to get any one and are treating the community fairly.
    7. SecretSchnitzel
      Soooo you do realize that the staff ain't out to get you or any of your buddies right? I don't understand why you're fussing over getting a warning dude. I've been handed two infractions right off the bat, and I'm friends with the staff. How's that for unbiased conduct?
      You really need to chill out about the turnover man. You're making much ado about nothing.
    8. Juanez Sanchez
      Juanez Sanchez
      Hey bumhole. Signup thread exists. Come join the superdope shizzle.
    9. GrenadeGorilla8
      Probably because its more work than the average persons wants to put forth. We're just awesome.
    10. GrenadeGorilla8
      True story. I don't think its entirely the staff to blame around here anyways. A lot of people complain about the atmosphere here being what it is and its really up to each individual member to make this site a better more positive and helpful site. Sometimes I wonder why I still hang around here. Probably the same strange sense of loyalty mostly toward TCOJ and the friends I've made through it. Probably should just make a TCOJ website and smite anyone that steps out of line haha
    11. Overdoziz
    12. SecretSchnitzel
      My opinion about the old staff remains as it is. It's not that I'm completely clueless about what goes on from the staff perspective either. I've got plenty of staffers I've been friends with off and on in the past. I've heard my fair share or stories, most after I stopped being active here. Whether I'm right or wrong in my stance is irrelevant, as it is most certainly not your place to police my personal opinion.
      I've learned not to let my hobby related activities affect me on a personal level. It'd be nice if you didn't try to make things personal as well.
      Hope this clears things up. I don't want bad blood between us. You were a cool dude back in the day, and I'm sure you still are.
    13. SecretSchnitzel
      Look dude, I don't know where that vicious tirade from you came from. I've got nothing against the current staff, and if I hit a bone by jabbing at your support of the old group, I'm sorry. It wasn't my intent to piss you off to that degree. All the same, what happened in the past was in the past and I neither appreciate you dwelling upon it nor do I appreciate you dredging it back up. I've come a long way as a person in the past year and I'd appreciate if you left sleeping dogs lie.
    14. GrenadeGorilla8
      Oh weird. At least you didn't quit. You got enough going on as it is. I wouldn't blame you if you had stepped down for the time being.
    15. GrenadeGorilla8
      NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not you too!
    16. Tedium
    17. Overdoziz
      Removing my crappy posts, for shame!
    18. Tedium
    19. SilentJacket
      there are hundreds more, but I figured, I would get you started
    20. SilentJacket
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