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May 2, 2016
    1. Ladnil
      Well, I should actually have a version ready for release by Weds, and I don't work Thurs night so I'll try and actually join your customs this time instead of requesting you test without me.

      In the meantime though, this is the latest version. The WARNING in the title is my warning to myself that random people I don't know joined my forge game and I'm not 100% sure they didn't screw anything up.

      Also, I'm pretty sure I got all the potential map breaks covered in soft respawn zones and all the gametypes up and running now, so you can scratch that whole no promises disclaimer in my last message.
    2. Ladnil
      Hey, I'm sure you've got a huge list of maps to work into your customs already but I just wanted to let you know that Genome is almost ready for Reach release and ask you if you could maybe work the beta version into customs for a game and let me know any major issues that show up.

      I can promise that Slayer, CTF, and Ball work perfectly (no spawning in the other team's base or anything). Stockpile, 4 way Stockpile, 4 way CTF, King, and any gametype you've cooked up that uses any of the above I can't make any promises for but they *should* work. Also I can't promise the map is unbreakable but you ban that in your games anyway. Weaponset is very diverse, so there shouldn't be any complaints there.

      Thanks if you do this for me but even more thanks for running awesome customs and letting me drop in when I happen to be on at the right time.

      download link : Halo Reach : File Details
    3. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      well he's an idiot so just ignore cart0graph
    4. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      "Welcome to the Customs lobby. I hope you find a lot of friends to game with." lol what
    5. Ozarka
      Hey nondual, I just discovered your customs and all. I've really been looking to get back into customs lately, but I see that you're already loaded with people. If there's any room just let me know and I will be glad to join :D
    6. Vincent Torre
    7. Ladnil
      Thanks for playing Genome with me tonight, even though people were anti-MLG before we played it. I edited that game video into the post. I'll see what I can do about getting together a non-MLG weapon set tomorrow for future customs, but I've only got 6 objects till I hit the OLN.

      Hope you liked it! You should have, considering your 17 kills lol.
    8. Scobra
      YouTube- Mr Peanut

      If you laugh, you lose.
    9. Dow
      o_o I played with you earlier >:D <3
    10. Nondual
      Hopefully that's OK to do, I've been wanting to post that for a while but I was waiting for a time like now.
    11. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      thanks for the bump man
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    o Nondual o
    Forge Hub is an awesome community! The maps that come from people here continually amaze me.

    Since Sandbox came out Halo has been more fun than ever before. Most of what I play now is custom games. I've met a ton of people thanks to this site, and we play customs for several hours every week. Thanks to everyone who puts so much effort into making maps. Keep it up!