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Dec 16, 2014
    1. Thunderblue6
      hi i saw your group and i love playing infection maps. I enjoy the regular maps as well as custom maps they are all very good and i would like to join your group and get in on the infection action.
    2. bringiton265
      Hello I found your group and i love big games of infection, i am kind of an ass to people i find annoying but i can be a great teamate if there is a good plan in place, so id appreciate it if you'd hit me up if theres an opening ~ Godlygamer911
    3. You Saw Nothing
      You Saw Nothing
      Hello there I just found your group and it has me interested, I don't play Halo as much as I would like to anymore as friends never play anymore either. On the rare exception we do get a game together there's only a handful of us and not enough for an infection game, with zombies being my favorite game mode this is unacceptable so here I am. If you need to know anything message me here or on xbox live GT= you s4w nothing
    4. n00basures
      Hello! I've been stalking these forums for a while now but I finally decided to sigh up for this group. Since playing Halo 3 at a friends house and a vivid zombie nerd I love playing interesting infection games(not just the mindless camping ones) May I ask to join Zombies Inc.? I would really appreciate it, thanks :)
    5. lillukey95
      hey i'm new to forgehub and lookin for people to play a few custom games if you're interested and have some good maps message me back
    6. I Am Solaced
      I Am Solaced
      Hey, I would love to join "Zombies Inc".
      I'm still playing Halo 3. So yeah, chill dude..
    7. Heatzone10
      Hey if you could get me into the "Zombies Inc." group i'd appreciate it. I greatly enjoy layed-back and altogether fun games of infection with Great people who enjoy it as much as I do.
    8. doorcounty
      How do I become a meber of this group. I have many infection maps that I would like to share with people instead of them sitting unused in my file share. My I join your zombie fest?
    9. Sgt Surchin
      Sgt Surchin
      happy birthday man
    10. darnell
    11. RockOrRoll
      Hey mane, I'm a long-time Halo fan, & recently got involved with SocialInfection on Love infection & everything to do with great community games / forums. Hit me up!
    12. Kill 4 Silence
      Kill 4 Silence
      can i please join ur group? i loveeeeeeee infection customs! best type other than snipes. =D
    13. TypicalRookie
      can and sill you let me join your social group
      im a only zombie gamtype fan
    14. Yyzyyz
      I would be most honoured to join zombies Inc
    15. HiRUnknown
      How do I join zombie inc?
    16. Joe is Outside
      Joe is Outside
      You are the leader of Zombies Inc. ? I'd like to join, can I?
    17. Shooter
      Im interested in joining your group, Zombies,Inc. Im tired of people using the infection varient to make casual games like fat man and jenga, so this seems like the perfect club for me.
    18. intothedark
      Hi, um, can i join the "Zombie, inc." group, i've been playing Halo 3 since it came out, but on several different profiles, and this is my latest, (and probably my last)

      i am an Infection fanatic, i usually only play infection and the occasional slayer or Team slayer. I have several infection maps if you are interested, so i would appreciate it if you let me in.

      Thank you
    19. Kalriq
      Back from Thailand yet?
    20. thrame
      hey i like good infection maps and ones that dont allow camping i like the ones your group releases so i was wondering can i join
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