Oct 8, 2010
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    1. Audienceofone
      The FACT is that some maps are detested by SOME players ONLY BECAUSE they are ugly as sin (no pun intended).
      Oh, you punny devil.
    2. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      My point was that the thread is for our map, not video quality or anything to do with THFE.
    3. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      I'll invite you next time I'm on. If we have to tear the map apart, that will suck but honestly I'd rather have a good map in the end.

      Also, you can say whatever you want in the thread. Duck and I are pretty accepting and will debate our points, not ***** about yours.
    4. Eightball
      666 posts. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! ;)
    5. pyro
      Have you studied David Hume's philosophy recently? That would best explain why you are acting so much like a combination of the worse parts of godlyperfection and 4shot. All science is based on the stuff similar to what you are now saying is inconclusive and irrelevant. Please stop and let people try to figure things out instead of telling people "YOUR RESULTS ARE INCONCLUSIVE BLAH BLAH BLAH."
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    6. SecretSchnitzel
      You gonna be online at all this weekend? Looking to hammer out some theories about spawns.
    7. Psychoduck
      You need to look at the Entire FW Invasion map. I think that even you will begin to agree with me upon seeing it.
    8. pyro
      I noticed you were looking for invasion guides. Are you writing your own or building an invasion map? Either way I'm interested.
    9. Shik
      You seem like a legit person on the forums I see often, so friends?
    10. pyro
      Go back and read my post just above yours in the koth thread. Just in case you didn't know about that trick I thought you might want to know.
    11. RoboArtist
      the turret in alpha site was only in the campaign version. they took it out for the firefight gameplay.
    12. Oakly HiDef
      Oakly HiDef
      Hey ive been talking to Able Sir Thomas and Yardbird. We are currently trying to incorporate them into our youtube channel THFE and may want to talk to you about some sort of partnership as well
    13. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      Hey! Just wondering if you've seen the Wall coliseum contest submission thread is up and running! I hope you run!
    14. pyro
    15. Berb
      The BTB customs group has been created here.
    16. Eightball
      WOW, thanks man! It looks awesome.
    17. AtlasIsShruggin
      RHEM is being featured in Forge Spotlight!

      You can view the video HERE or look for it on the Bungie Home Page in the coming days!

      Also if you haven't seen my newest posting The Looking Glass please view and comment HERE

      As always Thanks!

    18. Spawn of Saltine
      Spawn of Saltine
      Maps that place in the Forgehub Favorites get stuck in the map forums until the next round of winners is announced. It replaced Staff Picks.
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