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Promethean, from VT

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Apr 27, 2009
    1. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Minigame Hub. The new and improved Mini-Game-Tastic™!
    2. FrankFries
      YouTube - Narwhals
    3. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Half-Cab v3 is now posted.
    4. Playerhata27
      Congratulations man, you've made it to Halo 3 Forges, plus credence has been in your name! YouTube - Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 23) "Valley of the Beasts"
    5. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      I can't find the competition. Could you give me a link to it?
    6. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Tremor & Mouse on Sand Box. Sorry, I thought it was Tremor Blast, but it isn't.
    7. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      I would like to know your ideas for this. Thank you.
    8. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      You have to tell me when. There are five days before the weekend.
    9. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Helljumpers is posted in the Testing guild. Here it is. I hope you can make it.
    10. Speed-e-cake
      Whoops, I was look at v1, sorry about that. I just clicked the link in your sig so it brought me to v1, sorry about that. I kinda feel like an idiot now, lol.
    11. Speed-e-cake
      I was looking at you map Pacifism and was very interested, being a huge fan of mongoose related mini-games, but when I went to download at it said that the map may not exist or an error may have occurred. I just thought to bring this to your attention so you can still get downloads and because I've been meaning to download it for awhile ;)
    12. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      That is a completely different map. Here, this is what happened. I originally wasn't accepted into the group, but I wanted to use my ideas to make my own ODST map, so I started developing the idea I asked for your help on. One of the members of the group retired, and I was let in to fill his space. But my idea was already well-developed, so while helping (or at least trying to help them with their idea and figure out what it is, because they have shot down most every idea I've submitted) them, I'm making my own ODST map.

      I currently have two versions (the original assault one failed): a VIP game where the VIP is basically the involuntary bomb carrier that is having trouble with spawns (I want four people on defenders team and the rest on attackers, but colors don't matter), and a territories game, which I need your help with.
    13. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      I think I am going to need your help with a map. The gametype is incredibly difficult to make (assault failed, VIP might not work) and I want to make it territories, but I am having trouble with that too.
    14. DeathToll77
      Nothing yet bro. Let me know when you want to make something
    15. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Wave System is the infection game where zombies come in several different waves. I have yet to actually make anything other than the concept yet.

      ZBALL is an idea I've been messing with for a while. Originally, it was like a vertical game of griffball, but instead of killing the bomb carrier, the defenders had to knock him off of floating platforms as he climbed to the top. I don't know about that one anymore.
    16. DeathToll77
      Sounds good I'll get on it soon
    17. Tydo
      hey man, i saw birdcage and had a brainwave after playing it. Heres my suggestions:
      -Gametype Juggernaut
      -Everyone Spawns with rockets
      -Everyone runs fast(200%)
      -Plasma turrets remain
      Maby just try it, if it doesnt work better than whatever, it makes it feel more like diddy kong racing, that could also work,
    18. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      For a v1, it is finished. If the territories actually needed to be changed and placed better, my friend wouldn't be able to help because he was DeathToll77's partner in their banshee racing map. So as far as I know, it's ready.
    19. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      I tested the map once last night in a party of 8. I saved the video if you wanted to see. The changes you made to the gametype should probably fix the small issues I had with it. The only major thing that went wrong was when banshees respawned in the wrong spawn areas.
    20. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      IDK. I would like to play it to see how well the newly placed territories work. If they (and everything else) work(s) well, then we can post it (and use such a game for screen shots). If they don't work well, I could possibly ask Spartan7371 to help us place territories and then post it when they do work well.

      Have you tested the new map much? How well did it play?
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