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Oct 16, 2012
    1. Limeyy
      yes, I agree
    2. Conkerkid11
      He banned me again! That *****!
    3. Shock Theta
      Shock Theta
      You need to cut out the passive aggression from your shouts in that case. Perhaps it's unintentional - just think a little more before submitting your chats. It came across rather offensive, whether you see it that way or not. I've unbanned you from the chatbox on the understanding that you behave with all this in mind.
    4. Shock Theta
      Shock Theta
      Don't act all innocent. You're attitude is in need of serious work and trolling your way sweetly into the good books of gullible fools isn't going to get you anywhere. Be civil to others and you'll receive respect in turn.

      Chatbox Rules

      1. No extreme amount of spamming.
      2. Behave respectfully towards other members. This precludes:
      Insulting language
      Trolling and other disruptive behavior
      3. NO racism, sexism, abuse of power or discrimination of any kind is tolerated. This includes use of derogatory terms towards sexuality, race, gender, etc.
      4. Do NOT link to pirated property, software, or other files. Illegal activities are not tolerated here.
      5. Do NOT link to offensive content. This includes malicious or pornographic images or information.
      6. Do NOT advertise any third party product or post links to advertisements of such ads.
      7. Do NOT flood the shoutbox.
    5. AceOfSpades
      Don't know if you saw but Tetradymite is posted.
    6. Mace
      I tots got my perm reversed to a norm.
    7. AceOfSpades
      Test Tetradymite
    8. AceOfSpades
      Tetradymite PREVIEW
    9. HomieG54
      Could you link me to your finished Crysis wallpaper?
    10. FrankFries
      Uh, do you play spore?
    11. Catmon
      Hey, you're online! Shoutbox NAO! (Please?)
    12. Frag Man
      Frag Man

      I was actually very busy that weekend. And I forgot to contact you.
    13. Frag Man
      Frag Man
      Alright, I finally found time to help you. LOCK appears busy, so I guess I shall be helping you.

      What I'll basically do is tell you how to work any feature you ask me to tell you about. Unless you want to know how to make a signature in full.
    14. Soren515
      Oh Yes Kake = Winsauce on steriods
    15. Soren515
      ohAI mnm u from XF SO HAI :)
    16. T4K Shadow
      T4K Shadow
      I do have MSN but my router is dodgy and it wont let me talk on it, ill be in a conversation and then all of a sudden i dont recieve the other persons messages then it disconnects me
    17. T4K Shadow
      T4K Shadow
      On GIMP, how do you like cut out an image and put it on another image and then make them look likt they fit, GIMP sure is confusing 0.o
    18. Ak Gumby
      Ak Gumby
      First message of 2009!

      For great justice.
    19. Zachary9990
      Happy Birthday!
    20. Mr Pokephile
      Mr Pokephile
      Rofl yepp lol
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