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Oct 3, 2011
    1. ShaddoBlade
      Yeah, I have it queued. I'll try to get a game on it, but I'll at least do a forgethrough and let you know what I think.
    2. Phenomenal
      Hey is the test on your map still on tonight at 10 PM EST?
    3. 666nick666
      hey that link u sent wont work if u add me on livee ill check it out ta
    4. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      hey there, the map looks remarkable, infact i have never seen a map with so much merging. I never did understand how to do advanced merges like that, anyhoo the weapon holders that support the sniper and camp could be pushed into the boxes for better aestetics and somewhat better playability. It looks very interesting to see a floating equipment or weapon on a map. Congrats again and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Congrats again bud
    5. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      hey um the link is unknown so add me on live and ill be more than happy to give you a personal review
    6. sloner52
      ok man about putting box's in ground at 45 degree angle - this is how i do it. i just use a bridge the flatest part facing the ground at the angle i want..... the i put the box against the bridge at that angle..... i brace it with teles and put doors on the end pushing it into ground...... takes awhile but i usually get it how i want it.... and i also do the whole save and quite technique but for some reason i get better results saving and quiting as fast as i can........... if u can make out any of what i just said then i hope u can do it now... lol if u didnt understand im sorry im a bad explainer lol
    7. sloner52
      hey man i was just wondering if i could get yourr feedback on my map R.I.P. its on the front page for the moment, if you do it would be much appreciated. any advice to help make my map better would be nice. thx
    8. Kidbomber
      not sure, sorry i didnt attend so only the actual testers that were there would post it If they dont then im kinda sorry you didnt get feedback.
    9. MisterRemy
    10. FrankFries
      If you can survive this you wont die a virgin
      YouTube - Fred Goes Swimming
    11. ShaddoBlade
      I'd be glad to. I'm kinda busy today, but I have it qued for download and I'll try to get some people together to test it asap. I'll give it a forgethrough at least and then get back with you on a review.
    12. englishlime
      ill show you how, fr sent
    13. Bl4ckhawk
      Hello michMaster, I have in fact checked out Industrial site, and it is a very clever map. By the looks of the pictures I knew i was going to like it alot and i downloaded it today, but I have yet to try it out. I will give mroe feedback soon, In the meantime, check out my map Industrial V2...I guess we have the same taste in map designs and names...Industrial...Once again great job on the map i cant wait to try it.
    14. Whisper
      Yeah, I know.
    15. MichMaster32
      Is a demon!!!!
    16. Playerhata27
      Alright, sounds cool. I'll be sure to give some insight on it later, after I play a game or two on it.
    17. EGP
    18. MichMaster32
      Check out my map called Industrial site
    19. Love Slice
      Love Slice
      What's the friend request for? lol
      Oh, and I checked out your new map. Sweet layout, but I think it could use a v2.
    20. Kon Artist
      Kon Artist
      ive been infracted a few times, for posting to short of responses-- and no I wasn't warned. they fall off after a week or something.
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    Hi my name is Josh. I am 16 and love to forge. i would consider myself an advanced forger and am all about the slayer maps.

    Halo 3, football, wrestling, hanging out with friends, working out