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Oct 23, 1991 (Age: 31)
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Ancient, 31, from North East uk

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Sep 1, 2013
    1. ChronoTempest
      Yeah, supposedly the length is more accurate, but I'm fine with that. He even incorporates a few other custom mods with his, so that's a plus.
    2. ChronoTempest
      Hah, I knew I couldn't be the only one irked by it. Hadn't thought of the extra length, but it's not bad. I'll have to keep this one in mind
    3. Sgt Surchin
      Sgt Surchin
      since you seem to know about game code... at lease more than I do... would you be interested in possibly creating a game with me?
    4. ShaddoBlade
      I am always up for some of your screens.
    5. Matty
    6. PacMonster1
      I was going to go all physics on Oli's blog but then thought you'd probably explain it better.
    7. ShaddoBlade
      Cool beans. I haven't played Skyrim in a couple months, but your screens are always fantastic.
    8. ShaddoBlade
      I see your name on the latest post in the Skyrim thread, but when I go to it, there are no pictures... :(
    9. Shanon
      I haven't played much, if any, racing games.

      I've heard nothing but praise as of lately from the newest Forza game, and I'm thinking about actually getting into it now.

      I'm not much of a racing gamer, it's really just a hobby of mine at this point to read up on articles of the automotive industry considering I have to work on cars all day. lol

      My older brother and I run a car audio and window tinting shop, in case you're in southern California and need some work on your car.
    10. Shanon
      Dude, that's so badass.

      All you need is an engine and tranny and you're set to go.
    11. Shanon
      Jesus fake Christ, why cant you just sing the song correctly with me?

      We could have become something, man.
    12. Shanon
      ohhhh half of my heart has got a real good imagination, half of my heart gots youu,
    13. TexturedSun
      make thai fishcakes
    14. Titmar
      im talking about giant creatures. i know the deep oceans are filled with an abundance of life. but it's all tiny.
      Hello Matty, names OREODUKEISAIAH and im sending a shout out to the best forgers to join my social group. please no profanity. And if you can spread the word about XAVION FORGERS!
    16. Pegasi
      I saw a really interesting talk a while back about how America is both putting out some of the best science and scientists in the world, but also effectively driving them away, or at least not making enough effort to encourage them on a national scale. Your examples are very true, but it seems very much liked a privileged few, and that kind of atmosphere is really only encouraged very sporadically at state level, sometimes even off the backs of the organisations themselves just through their high status being able to perpetuate strength of such programs. But on a national level the encouragement is, as I understand it, very disappointing, especially in comparison to places like China and even some european nations.
    17. Indie Anthias
      Indie Anthias
      am I, you're asking?
      if so than no, I wouldn't say so. It makes more sense without a creator.
    18. Pegasi
      I think that's actually a very interesting perspective, and whilst it isn't an angle I'd thought of, actually fits rather well in to a tangible expectation of progression. As for who's side I'll be on, most certainly that of scientific progression for the good of us as a society and a species, and it depresses me that it's even going to be a dispute (though I agree, it will be). I'm a staunch supporter of stem cell research, and it's things like this which make me glad I don't live in the US.
    19. Pegasi
      It's not directly the same as legal concerns of state and religious interaction, though I can see your point that the question of moral judgement from the church influencing how the government progresses on such research will inevitably prompt the social question of what exactly the church is doing as part of this system if it's going to stand in the way. I still think that the idea of offloading the monarchy doesn't necessarily follow in even a medium timescale, though, simply because it's such a complex situation.

      Even aside from the fact that our head of state is also head of the church, the monarchy as an organisation doesn't exist solely in this role. I know it's not an argument you made, but the point about cost that's raised so often with respect to the monarchy is actually a bit of a fallacy. ...
    20. Pegasi
      ...Whilst money put in to the economy may not directly equate to taxpayer money spent on the monarchy, it's pretty well documented that we as an economy do benefit overall from the existence of the monarchy. We also benefit in diplomatic terms, as odd as it seems to me, from the role they play. How much this will be true once we're stuck with batshit-insane-Charles, rather than good ol' Liz, remains to be seen, as I think she'll be a sad loss. I think she has a much better understanding of what she both could and should do in her position than Charles does, hopefully his reign will be short since Will seems smarter than his dad by a reasonable way. But overall, it's a strangely complex issue. As for general church and state separation where such a thing is possible without concerning the monarchy, I can see your point about it quite possibly coming to a head, or at least starting to, within my lifetime, so fair play.
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    Oct 23, 1991 (Age: 31)
    North East uk