Mar 18, 2008
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    1. Pegasi
      In a sense, though I'm just headed off to sleep lol. Sorry man, a wild sun is in the process of appearing, and I fear that even my best attack won't be very effective.
    2. Pegasi
      Nah I don't have a PS3, vaguely considering getting one sometime in the future but many other things come first money-wise. There aren't any exclusives that really grab me tbh, though I never played LBP, good then?
    3. Pegasi
      Yeah I graduated, got a 2-1. Good to hear about your sister as well, send her congrats from a random british guy you know through the net lol.

      And yeah, tbh I know what you mean. I find it frustrating a lot of the time, despite having played a bunch and doing ok, as soon as you get to higher levels of competition the flaws become more glaring. I'm assured it's much better on LAN but tbh what does that matter to me? I'm still holding out for decent other upcoming games like Brink, Nexuiz and (eventually) Warsoup.
    4. Pegasi
      Finished uni but still playing lots of Halo, see sig :P. What about you dude, how are you and what you been up to?
    5. Pegasi
      Schweet, I'll let you know ASAP.
    6. Pegasi
      Tonight's a no go I'm afraid, got work at 6am tomorrow and it's almost midnight here. Tomorrow is unlikely too, going out with friends in the evening and will either be back too late, drunk, or both :P. Thursday night is a strong possibility though if you're up for it, and past that in general. Will try and get hold of Alex to ask when he's around as well.
    7. Pegasi
      You would make an Invasion map.... :P.

      But yeah, sounds swell man. I have a friend who loves Invasion as well, mind if I bring him along if he's up for it?
    8. Pegasi
      Nah, haven't really approached designing yet, tried blind forging a little when it came out to play around with the new forge, but obviously it didn't end up going anywhere. But yeah, I'm definitely up for testing sometime, and just have a look at my service record to see how much Reach I've been playing. Hint: a lot.
    9. Pegasi

      I don't even own it yet tbh, looks sick though and everyone I've talked to loves it.
    10. Pegasi
      Yo dude, how you been? Not much happened as far as I can remember, got me a smecksy new avatar though ;).

      Bout you?
    11. Pegasi
      Is that how much 1200 MSP is there? Dang.
    12. Pegasi
      Buys them!
    13. Pegasi
      Dude, it ****ing rapes. I unlocked the last parts for my dream SMG today, so much fun has been had. Been playing for a couple of weeks since release and before the start of yesterday I had 3 God Like Sprees (10 kills w/o dying). Now I have 20, got one in like 70%+ of the games I played today. I've decided there need to be higher sprees (10 is the highest for no apparent reason) after going 25-0 earlier and only getting points for the first 10 of the spree. I also just managed to tip my k/d over 2.0 this evening and finally outweighed my initial suckiness at the game lol.

      Basically, it's friggin awesome, get it nao! Also no, what is it?
    14. Pegasi
      Dude, have you tried Blacklight: Tango Down? New XBLA game.
    15. Pegasi
      Yeah, I just got dropped out of being able to play for like an hour, servers must be really busy even once downloaded.
    16. Pegasi
      Dude, been playing since friday. Pity is I have to work my ass off atm, final Uni essays are basically the whole of the beta time :(.

      But still, I've got some pretty good time in so far. Check my most recent vid:
      latest vid
      Check the rest of my channel for a couple of others as well.
    17. SargeantSarcasm
      Playing tomorrow for a bit, then studying for a test.
    18. Pegasi
      If you wana watch my heart get broken then you could watch the Construct KotH game from the Final Boss vs. Classic series, Loser Bracket Finals. However, I don't think the vids are up for Orlando yet, tbh the whole event was pretty awesome.

      In terms of stuff that's up now, anything where Triggers Down were playing from Anaheim '09 will be good, watch out for Pistola in particular.
    19. Pegasi
      Eh, silly reference is silly :P. You're right about the voice acting though, painfully bad. Idk, if a game can't convince me with a demo then I'm never really inclined to shell out for the full game, otherwise what's the point in the demo anyway?
    20. Pegasi
      I've got the JC2 demo, it's lols but I probably wouldn't buy it. It's fun as a game mechanic, but that's it imo, map is boring and sparse, driving is lame and unrewarding considering you can just zip/fly everywhere, and the AI is amongst the worst I've seen in any game ever. Police literally can't even chase you in a car without crashing and falling behind, getting away is so little effort it's not true. Plus it takes like a million bullets to die, me and my friends just ignore enemies when playing, run around sponging bullets and go about our canister based business (hook on to the very top and shoot the very bottom, now that's epic :P). Fun, but can't see myself buying it, looking forward to Crackdown 2 for my next rampage game, first one was classic. Did you play it?
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