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May 11, 2008
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Promethean, from Just outside of Scranton

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Jan 9, 2019
    1. RunTime83
      Hey Maki. Long time no talk, buddy. Did you see the Forge World vid? It's gonna be so badass!! Let me know next time you get online and we can discuss some ideas.
    2. Null Parameter
      Null Parameter
      If you're interested, your map DuneScape is up in the Community Feature Vote at XForgery.
    3. stickmanmeyhem
      I contacted the guy and he told me I was an idiot and that specifically Onetime83 made the map and then he discontinued contact with me... It was very rude.
      Anyway, if you want to send him a message yourself, Clicky here.
    4. stickmanmeyhem
      Just thought I'd let you know that someone has stolen two of your maps, maybe more, but I only know of two. YouTube- Halo 3 Forges (Ep. 45) Nectar
      It claims that Onetime83 made both Nectar and Dunescape in the description. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm also going to inform the producers of Halo 3 Forges.
    5. Bottlecap
      I've been gone a long time, but am curious to know, have you gotten a feature yet?
    6. KILLn Machine12
      KILLn Machine12
      EDIT: nvm i have pd day tomorrow
    7. KILLn Machine12
      KILLn Machine12
      hey add me on xbl for the testing ... gt: KILLn Machine12
    8. Adelyss
      Sniper pwned :D
    9. Chipsinabox
      I may not for a while unless I can figure out a way to help with the openness. Plus, I need to fix some spawns and fully test the map. Meanwhile having that project, I've started another that looks more promising. :P
    10. MASTER016
      hey man can u post on my map Evolution please thanks
    11. DrClutch
      My brother goes to college in Scranton :)
    12. Nick Novikov
      Nick Novikov
      Hey please check out my site,

      The Halo Addiction - Home
    13. PhantomBishop
      Your maps are absolutely amazing! My favorite is Dunescape. You're a talented forger... keep up the good work! ;)
    14. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      thanks for notifying me before i did more damage, by the way do you do conquest maps i think i have a good idea for one, do you mind helping me?
    15. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      sorry i was just trying to get some posts
      hey i have a map that i would like you to look at plz... its basically only for team games, but i would like you to help me make it better.
    17. l PATRICK l
      l PATRICK l
      wanna help me on my map i really need some help
    18. Rho Fs
      Rho Fs
      hey dude can you be online tonight at like 7 est? I will finally be back...
    19. MASTER016
      i recommended ur map Dunescape for feature because its by far the best map i have seen so far nice job
    20. MASTER016
      also please rate it as a five i think some one rated it a 3 because they dont like big team or they are trying to make my map look bad
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