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Sep 5, 2018
    1. Ticky
      I wish man, kinda low on moneyz right now.
    2. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Ah yeah, that would cause it haha.

      Anyways, no problem. Glad I could help.
    3. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      I think he put everyone who was loyal right before the reset.
    4. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      Yes. It was made by kidbomber.
    5. twinknight
      sure but if you take any clips from my trailer, just be sure to give me credit, also do you know how to embed videos
    6. Devil95
    7. Devil95
      "The Variant for our Fire Fight will be done this sunday, but im a have to make another version for your game type. Reason being i had to budget glitch it to finish it and i don't feel like going back and un glitching it then glitching it again to make a version for horde. But don't worry i'll make a nice version for your gametype"QUOTE] Does that give you any proof? He sent me that 2 days ago.
    8. Devil95
      City Streets is being made for Asset, Slayer and Zombie Horde. I counting it on the list because CaptnSTFU agreed to add it in my Zombie Horde DLC Pack!
    9. CaptnSTFU
      yeah no problem
    10. luckiesnipes
      Awesome. We have made the gametype. What I'm gonna do is put the spawn system on ur map so forget spawns i got it. My GT is Mr Ipod Touch if you have questions about the gametype.
    11. CaptnSTFU
      yup yup, basically all im a do is make the map to run the game on. Kinda works out cause im re doing alot of the ODST maps anyway, it was initially for asset but it'l work for this project as well.
    12. Gunnergrunt
      Alright sounds good. I'll try and catch you online or get some screenshots sometime soon so I can get started
    13. Gunnergrunt
      I currently need another halo comic to work on this week so I may be able to draw one for you. If you can give me a summary of what you want the comic to look like, and maybe a few screenshots of the map, I'd be happy to give it a shot.
    14. Devil95
      I need to finish Halo:Ghost and Reduct. I totally forgot about the bottom. I forgot to write: Dates Will Change. June is perfect. Not even near where Im planning anything. Im just gonna drop the Asset map and the Map Pack 2 Till further Notice. You can go ahead and Do it. I just think the map isn't gonna work the way both of us want it. Besides Assets Getting pretty boring with all these shitty maps. Im not gonna work on anymore Asset Maps after this one. People are starting to like my Halo:Ghost Idea. And if this goes far, I could be just Like Gifle Only more of a Duche. I'll hold on to it. Just won't work on it till I finally post the Halo:Ghost Map Pack.
    15. Devil95
      Havn't really got to it, Im Working on this Map Series Called: Halo:Ghost
      Chapter 1 is almost done.
    16. Devil95
      Sure, Im not a real fan of bonus round. I just like the remakes and gameplay. Go ahead, Im still working on the Asset.
    17. Devil95
      I Changed My Account Name to J1MMY SQUIRREL.
      I came up with it 3 years ago and Everyone thinks its funny.
    18. Devil95
      Let me handle the grass, i dont want to give up on this Asset Map.
    19. G043R
      sure... work out a time... sure man.
    20. ExoticallyPure
      Awesome, but add me on MSN first. I sent you the email.
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    I like music, lacrosse, mine craft, halo, and wearing various hats.