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    1. Transhuman Plus
      Transhuman Plus
      I probably have enough maps lined up to keep me busy anyway. I have to admit, judging by the pictures alone, your map is going to be epic.
    2. C0RRUPTl0N
      sure, I was leaning towards doing something else in the crypt, I think it's cuz I spent so much time down there, you online right now? cuz I can get on and tell you what I have been thinking.. I want to hear what your ideas are as well.
    3. TKD xspartanx
      TKD xspartanx
      Hey dude we need to start to seek out players for the forge team on here.... and we should try to get everyone on the forge team to get on the hub. Oh and don't forget to make a account on the clan
    4. C0RRUPTl0N
      I cleaned up the thread a bit, its not so sloppy. tell me what you think.
    5. C0RRUPTl0N
      dude why dont you have an avitar,, and I wrote you back but on my
    6. C0RRUPTl0N
      Ill get on tomorrow for sure, but I'll get on soon, have you heard from spartan. I lost my phone, and am never on.. but hows the clan holding up.
    7. C0RRUPTl0N
      For sure, is it on sandbox? cuz thats the next map Im going to work on I am having so many crazy ideas.
    8. C0RRUPTl0N
      Well you gave me that idea to change the bases, and it worked great. What else do you suggest?
    9. C0RRUPTl0N
      Yeah, I know. But the internet is horrible. I move out in like a month. What did you think of the post?
    10. ForgeGod117
      i would not suggest waiting for sandbox. The theme of avalanches objects would look much better and the kill ball is not the thing you want to use. You see when a person dies on the bottom area then players will only spawn at the very top and it causes spawn killing and such. It might be a while until I can work on this though. I would add a teleporter on where the death fall is and attempt to conceal it be interlocking it into the edges. Then when they fall into it they are teleported somewhere far far away and it will not temper with spawning.

      And I hope you know that i wont be able to start for up to 4-5 days. I can just speculate for now.
    11. ForgeGod117
      for your new map project depending on whether you accept me I suggest making it on avalanche or waiting for sandbox.
    12. C0RRUPTl0N
      Im still finalizing olympium, but your really going to like the one im making over ghost town.
    13. BunN eeE
      BunN eeE
      Allright. Well I'll have to see how good you are first, what's your GT?
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