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    1. Oo iRoNy oO
      Oo iRoNy oO
      IDK dude. I was going to ask you to finish it and submit it and see if it made the MP. Because I'm kind of thinking I'm going to put my latest two maps in it. You know the one with the obelisk centerpiece, and then the other one with the bridge in the middle. But if you want, we can co-forge it and submit in separately.
    2. Insane54
      Apparently it's a DDOS attempt (distributed denial of service). If it is, I'm honestly surprised we're getting this much out of the server...hopefully will be resolved soon enough.

      Anyway, hopefully it'll be done soon enough...shoutbox disabled until we're out of it.
    3. Orange
    4. Mischgasm
    5. Pegasi
      Agreed on all points but the jumping, I still like it. Saying that, I think Reach could do with having a jump somewhere between the Beta and H3. Plus I already miss hitscan, and I basically didn't play H2. But still, I love H3 and always will. Part of me is secretly glad it's back, though of course that's only in light of Reach coming out in a couple of months.
    6. Pegasi
      Try it dude, no scoping seems all hard now :(. But tbh it doesn't take too long to get back in to it. I managed to go 26-0 on Team Snipes (albeit on my friend's pretty bad account), just takes a little getting used to, you feel all floaty at first and keep trying to sprint. Walking across Sandtrap feels painful....

      Also: My latest cause on (post nearish the bottom of that page) :P.
    7. Pegasi
      Fair point, I'll go grab that now, thanks man.

      How ya finding the move back to H3? Played it a bunch tonight, tbh I kinda missed it :P.
    8. Pegasi
      Gratz on FHF dude. I was gonna follow with good old 'well deserved' but then realised (whilst I'm sure it was deserved) that I haven't actually ever played Genome! Such a reminder brings opportunity for rectification, hit me up sometime dude ;).
    9. Nondual
      I did really enjoy playing Genome! And I thought the map was amazing! You've definitely got some impressive forge skills. Sorry if I wasn't really able to tell you that, we were having some pretty severe communication issues with the lag.

      I sent you a friend request from my main account. Hopefully that will make it easier to get you in some games. I'm actually going to try and make this Friday's TGIF, if I don't have to work.

      Some more weapons and equipment would be nice, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I actually like a little MLG now and then, although a lot of the guys I play with don't. But overall I do wish MLG had a little more variety with the weapons.

      Thanks again for playing some games with us, you seem like a pretty cool guy. Hopefully game with you some more in the future. (And I look forward to playing genome again.)
    10. Nondual
      Glad to have you as a friend on here man. Hopefully do some more games with you soon..
    11. mrcleanup
      everytime i have been on halo you have not been on. if i am on cod just send me a invite.
    12. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      Sure. Next time I get on, you can give me he latest version.
    13. used man
      used man
      that has to be the most epic map I have ever seen in the worst map comp. :P
    14. Godli3 1 R3borN
      Godli3 1 R3borN
      I have a question how do u get all the extra pictures on the post of your map
    15. mrcleanup
      Hey get on skype I have a great idea for mockery. or get on xbl in a few i will be on there in a few.
    16. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      lol, thx. I will take another go-through, and then make a map design that would help with gameplay. I may wait a while to try to get a couple more games first, so dont expect anything right away.
    17. Insane54
      I think we have a bunch of confused teenagers who have been told stuff or make themself believe something without actually knowing anything about it...notice how sourdauer has stated he's an atheist and a theist at different points, the arguments in this thread are nowhere close to the real debates I've kinda sucks. Real debates are awesome for me I guess because I know so much about it and my viewpoint is different from the norm. Makes it hard for the other guy to come up with something that doesn't fit with my view, and I pretty much always have a decent answer. :P

      But yeah...Debates forum sucks, lol

      Wait, religious opinion or opinion on why the thread sucks?
    18. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      lol thanks bro
    19. SargeantSarcasm
      eh I hate TGIF...even just playing in it. I really only did it to help out the community and spur other hosts to do the same, but nobody caught on.

      I really dont feel like wasting my time when everyone else is so apathetic about the idea. I know regular members loved it, but the people I was trying to motivate to do the same just didnt give a ****.
    20. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      Ok I'll look into it.
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