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    1. Pegasi
      Happy birthday you sexy beast.
    2. Eightball
      Happy birthday.
    3. RoboArtist
      Your birthday today? happy b-day. Well thats what it says under today's birthdays anyways
    4. Ladnil
      Oh, ha. Unlimited infinity love is sexy times obviously.
    5. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      I was looking through my first page of vm's;

      "As of right now, I only love you until February 21st, 2759, because of your ghost merging thread here. A good inspiration to complete this map would get you unlimited infinity love."

      I don't even know what unlimited infinity love is O.o
    6. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      Does this still apply?

    7. SargeantSarcasm
    8. SargeantSarcasm
      I'm curious, do people who make maps for MLG's circuit get paid?
    9. RoboArtist
      since they mentioned android being new in mlg... im guessing its new for the pro circuit? because its already been in the mlg playlist before
      YouTube - ‪Halo: Reach v5 Game Types‬‏
    10. ThrowinDemBows
      Hi, i have a very important matter to discuss with you. I'd like to talk over XBL (GT: ThrowinSomeBows) if you have a few minutes.
    11. Transhuman Plus
      Transhuman Plus
      YouTube - ‪Awesometown Theme Song - Extended Cut - FULL QUALITY‬‏
    12. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Since when were you Artisa- Oh yeah. Awesome bro!
    13. RedNeck
      Cone grad chu late shuns. :)
    14. Organite
      Grats on Artisan...
      before you have it ;)
    15. Pegasi

      I mean, no ones gonna vote for it still and no gametype on eart can change that, but a man can dream right?
    16. Pegasi
      Speaking of Android, is it me or is it only playing Slayer in the third playlist slot now? That honestly makes me sad, as it plays CTF a million times better imo. That's not a slight at the map, I just find TS pretty dull in general, the only thing which can redeem that for me is plenty of Snipers lol.
    17. rusty eagle
      rusty eagle
      I will be getting a PC within the next two months. So, if you game much on the PC, I'll definitely hit you up.

      I'll definitely stay in touch with you during the next console generation.
    18. rusty eagle
      rusty eagle
      I don't pay much attention to FH anymore. I also don't own an xbox. I'm not going to get into the political discussion of forging. It's pretty petty, on all fronts, altough it is an ugly problem. From my experience though, one too many people don't seem to be getting enough attention for their work, which is fine because at the end of the day not everyone is good at designing. That's a fact that people will have to accept. There are some things they will have stronger talents in and they should focus on those rather than be bogged down in intense political crap.
    19. 4shot
      I must have misread your post. Well, yes. The people who post things like "Good aesthetics. Downloading." or "Looks good. Does it play well?" are not being helpful and have no business posting something so short. If they think the map looks good and have nothing else to say, they should save their posts for after they play the map. Alright, so a map looks good. I bet that same thing has been said multiple times in the thread already. The OP doesn't need to be told that same thing hundreds of times.
    20. 4shot
      I rarely end up posting in a thread without playing the maps. For some maps, I don't get enough games to notice the bigger problems. For some maps, you can just look at it and see most of the problems right there. Contrary to popular belief, you can get a good idea of what the gameplay is like just by looking at it for a few minutes. On the more complex maps, this isn't achievable, however.

      I'm not sure how you think I'm just trying to up my post count. If I was doing that, I'd have a lot shorter of posts. I normally only get the real helpful feedback after playing many rounds on a map. For most maps, I get only one round and that's it. The few that I have played on many times have improved considerably from my feedback.
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