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Aug 1, 2017 at 6:07 PM
Mar 19, 2009
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Hull, England

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Juanez Sanchez

Forerunner, from Hull, England

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Aug 1, 2017
    1. Nutduster
      No TCOJ for me tonight - I'm going to be hanging out with my wife, and whatever little is left of the evening will be spent on GTA V, I suspect.
    2. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      I'll take a look at it and see what I can do.
    3. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Certainly. I'll keep an eye out for the new one.
    4. Elliot
      Hey man, do you want me to work on your TCOJ thread to fix up some formatting?
    5. oVR
      Make ONE super thread for all of your Custom Game hosting information.

      The process will be streamlined so instead of dividing the forums into sections, all the custom game lobbies will be in ONE section which will increase the traffic greatly.
    6. oVR
    7. Chronmeister
      I tried inviting you to try my maps last night but you turned off your xbox soon after I sent it. I really need some expert opinions on my maps. Maybe ill send another tonight. I think Prodigy and Green Hell are my best if you wanna check them out. Thanks dude. See you online
    8. Chronmeister
      Could you try out my maps Green Hell and Prodigy and let me know how I'm doing as a cartographer. I need some input from the pros. I tried friend requesting you on xboxlive but your list is full. Maybe we could get in a few games on each others maps sometime.
    9. Audienceofone
      I tried to send this message when that feature went up, but my internet was stupid.

      Congratulations on the feature, my frind. We really love Radiant, and it deserves that spotlight. However, this means I expect more from you from now on. :p
    10. Nutduster
      Congratulations, you tea-sipping biscuit-eater. :) Radiant is a beaut.
    11. Nutduster
      4 1/2, actually.
    12. Juanez Sanchez
      Juanez Sanchez
      You going to be 21 again?
    13. Nutduster
      Eh, close enough for rock 'n roll. It'll be my birthday in just a few weeks anyhow.
    14. Nutduster
      It wasn't - my birthday's later this month. But thanks!
    15. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      It's all good, no worries. Hosting another one tonight if you're interested.
    16. Audienceofone
      I saw you were looking in to 1 flag.
      It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this.

      "One Flag CTF" - Competitive Forge Tutorial - YouTube
    17. Nutduster
      No worries. :)
    18. timmypanic
      what happened to your map? can't find it on here anymore! I still got my copy, was just seeing how it has done since not been on here! Made a new crazy map ready for christmas. Now all thats left to do is chill and play some games.
    19. Juanez Sanchez
      Juanez Sanchez
      yuh-huh the other one was like, hard to remember
    20. Stevo
      iiM Stevo
      I changed it last week to be more similar to this site lol
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    Hull, England
    Juanez Sanchez
    I love Forge.
    I love Playing.
    Do I Forge or do I Play?

    AAEEIIII!!! cant decide

    Forge, Photoshop, movies and Heavy Metal!!!