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    1. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      yeah, I agree it's a bit ridiculous of a rule. I don't really agree with it fully but it's there and I have to do my job to make sure people follow it.

      We've been trying really hard to catch all the thumbnails that violate the rule. If you see any please report them. It's the only fair way we could come up with for map previews. Otherwise people would make very elaborate thumbnails for a map that sucks.
    2. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      Hi, your thumbnail for this thread violates the Map Databases rules. Edited thumbnail pictures are not allowed.

      Please fix this to avoid an infraction.
    3. Iv0rY Snak3
      Iv0rY Snak3
      I don't actually remember what happened last time, but yeah go ahead, do what you want, i don't mind no more.
    4. Matty
    5. Norlinsky
      Wouldn't you think that if there IS a God, and that this God wanted us to worship him, that he would give us any type of physical evidence that he is there? All we have is passed on by humans, which according to the Bible were created with flaws. Why would he entrust so great of gospel in such a sinful being? It contradicts itself. I say that if there is some sort of Heaven or Hell, that it would be the God's fault for not leading potential followers in the right path.
    6. Norlinsky
      If a Christian truly wanted to deem his/herself a Christian, then that would mean obeying the Commandments. And isn't one of those Commandments about having one single God, which is the God of Christianity? So if they believed in other Gods, they wouldn't be Christians.
    7. Shanon
      Rid the warthog, leave each side with a Chopper.
      Take out Laze.
    8. Shanon
      Dont mind the first sentence. I only used that to grab your attention.
      But yes, I was here from the beginning somewhat and strive to see what FH used to be. That being, a place where people build there forgeing skills and eventually get recognized for it.
    9. Pegasi
      Most welcome dude.
    10. Pegasi
    11. Nitrous
      You'll never know how much that means to me.
    12. TheClubhouse
      Hey, thanks for all the feedback regarding my two maps (Sundown Meeting and Redial). I would mess with that Sundown map and take your advice about adding the divider to make the center pathway usable, but i'm workin on another map right now, so it'll have to wait abit. Thanks again for all your feedback, you've been the most responsive!
    13. Star iz Legiit
      Star iz Legiit
      yes, waht time exactly, I have to take a shower and eat, then I will be on in about a hour
    14. Knight Kninja
      Knight Kninja
      you actually made a cnc thread?? your gonna get spammed with soo many requests!!
    15. ForgeGod117
      Lol. I love rejected!
    16. Knight Kninja
      Knight Kninja
      nah i just missed seeing your advice in the forums.

      and yeah its a pretty time consuming job for not getting anything in return
    17. ForgeGod117
      My spoon is too big!
    18. Knight Kninja
      Knight Kninja
      hey jpec, you should go back to writing some cnc for sigs.. or did you find it not worth the time?
    19. Grif
      Image size is what we are worried about.
    20. Grif
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