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May 10, 2008
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Apr 11, 1989 (Age: 34)
Kansas City Missouri
Sales associate working at Costco Wholesale

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Ancient, from Kansas City Missouri

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Feb 19, 2013
    1. Jorgy411
      If anyone is wanting to forge with someone, i'm looking for some people to create maps with. Shoot me a friend request on XBL and we can forge together. GT: Jorgy411
    2. Jorgy411
      Im back and ready to forge it up! :D
    3. Jtspadaro
      happy b-day
    4. Mischgasm
      I was looking at my friends feedback, yours was by far the most helpful and well thought out. Keep it up.
    5. Matty
    6. Nightfire
      Well, you give clear explanations on the things you like or dislike about the maps, also you give feedback/suggestions on how to fix the issues with the maps. Basically if you keep writing the way your are for the reviews you'll do fine. Just keep your reviews clear and detailed.
    7. Benji
      I posted Orbital Small. Thanks for your help
    8. Benji
      I wasn't able to get on halo for very long today so ill either get on tomorrow or just send you the link. Im pretty sure i fixed the wall. At leaast I couldn't get over the wall with the brute shot and regen.
    9. Benji
      Which games did you get over the attackers wall?
      I want to see how you did it
    10. GR4V3mind117
      Will we have ReForge Sun Pancake V2 to in order fix the Bumps?

      P.S. I went to Cedar Point with my Youth group yesterday, Yay!

      P.S.S. Go on Mantis and Magnum XL-200 if you ever go there ;)
    11. TwiztedMatt1007
      Figured I'd let you know that I have posted the finished version of my map! If you want to check it out here is the link. MXD on Elim Chamber
    12. Whisper
      No, calm down. I'll do it today.
    13. TwiztedMatt1007
      Thanks! I think I should have it finished at this point and will start getting ready to post it sometime in the next week or two. I just need to find out who it was that said they could render a video for me on so I can have a youtube video of the game.

      Since it's done, when I get it posted, I'll see about getting it in a TGIF game night if that's at all possible, not sure how that all works yet. That way I can get community feedback from everyone and allow for mass testing of the map. I don't foresee any other issues popping up however.
    14. Spaceneil8
      Thanks for the feedback! :)

      Let me clear something up, I gave on neutral bomb because it was really easy to arm the bomb, and after it was armed, it was very hard to defuse. It just didn't flow well. The spawns for slayer are much like the amplified, assembly, and narrows spawns. Where you spawn near your team, even if they are in the enemy base. Before the map's slayer spawns were like the pit but spawn traping the bases were too common.

      And the map is very open, I am wondering how I should add cover without changing much.

      Expect it in the FH competitive map section and submitted to ATLAS very soon.
    15. Spaceneil8
      I'm sorry I forgot you.

      Any after doing some changes all the objective items got deleted so I'll probably have to test again. I still need play test videos also. In addition, I am trying to make the map work well with team king (flag works great, slayer is good). And I am giving up on neutral bomb. So I'll be sure to invite you then.
    16. Spaceneil8
      Are you on the FH tester Guild Gamertag?

      If not, I probably forgot to invite you.

      My GT is Spaceneil8, send me a FR if you want to be involved in future testing.
    17. GR4V3mind117
      I have fixed the break points buy deleting the Corner, Tube near the Camo Spawn as well as fixed the brute shot jump problem at the red base, Oh and tonight's teting is pushed back to 9:00 due to Messy Games '09 that ends at 8:00, Until then i will fix spawns and portals, See you tonight!
    18. Vice671
      I read your feedback and I will definitely work at fixing those problems. Thanks for critiquing my map. I really appreciate it.
    19. PRS
      Be ready for testing today!
    20. Canadians360
      Ok just sounds good but did you forget to come to my test or did something come up. Anyways got your FR.
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    Apr 11, 1989 (Age: 34)
    Kansas City Missouri
    Sales associate working at Costco Wholesale
    I've always loved creating maps in all those tony hawk
    games on the much so, i spent more time make
    a map, than i would playing the game! And i guess, that
    mentality rubbed off on my with Halo 3 and Halo Reach! lol

    Curse you Bungie for making the perfect game!!!

    Design. Graphic Design is my major.


    If you ever want help with a map, mail me on xbox live, i'd be more than happy to lend a hand.
    GT: Jorgy411