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Promethean, from Colorado

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May 25, 2016
    1. REMkings
      Thank you so much for an actual shout out for BIOC! You're amazing Insanmiac :D
    2. REMkings
      Thanks for featuring my map in Forge the Future! :D
      I'm still trying to get rid of some minor framerate issues, so I will provide you some new links soon.
      Probable reason why you didn't like the gametype that much is because the humans could only take 1 hit before dying, and since the zombies are invisible that's way too hard. However, I changed that, and now that humans can take 3 hits it's perfectly balanced (believe me, I tested it a thousand times). You should try it out sometime :P

      I also commented on the video, because you misspelled the name: it's actually Lone Souls in a Lost Mine instead of Lost Souls in a Lost Mine, but that's okay :)

      Once again, thank you, and if you could also reply on those visitor message down below that would be awesome!

      - REMkings
    3. REMkings
      It would mean a lot to me if you could take this request into consideration, just contact me and let me know what you think about it in a VM. Once again, I'm not asking you to do the same as THFE did, because that would be too much to ask. I'm just asking for a little bit of promotion, and a place for your subscribers to play their customs in return and test their maps. ;)

      - REMkings

      PS: I posted the same comment on your YouTube channel (my username is Meesterlijker), don't bother if you already read it there, however please contact me on ForgeHub as I check it out a lot more often. Thanks in advance!
    4. REMkings
      Hey Insanmiac, how are you doing?

      Thank you for joining BIOC, we are very grateful that someone as respected as you decided to join the group.
      I was wondering if maybe we can talk about some kind of advertising on your channel, not like with THFE where we will go for a full partnership already, but just as a way of giving us a leg up, as we're still in our early stages and trying to get a foothold. On the contrary, we could help your subscribers out with getting their infection maps looked at and tested so they will be able to increase their chances of having it featured in a FtF episode when submitting it to you.
      After all, if I had to estimate I'd say 90% of your subscribers subscribed mainly for your Forge creations, and a lot of them would probably like having some place to hang out with other people who like playing Infection as much as they do.
    5. PA1NTS
      I did a re imagination of leprous lagoon. If you wanna see it, hit me back. I tried asking your permission to do the map but you didn't answer before, hopefully you do this time.
    6. Redy
      Hey Dude, I sent to you my map for the new Forge the Future Series, I dont know if you checked your email "" recently. It plays perfectly with Team Slayer and Squad. Here´s the Thread again, I hope you enjoy.
    7. Elite Warrior5
      Elite Warrior5
      Look at my idea for a map: [IMG]
    8. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      Check out my new map Oversight!
    9. Elite Warrior5
      Elite Warrior5
      Why didn't you post the Lost Souls Cemetary map in Hub of the Dead II?
    10. Elite Warrior5
      Elite Warrior5
      Congratulations! Your infection map, Lost Souls Cemetary has won the Zombie Slayer Award!
    11. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      Hey! Just wondering if you've seen the Wall coliseum contest submission thread is up and running! I hope you run!
      I've seen a few of your maps on YouTube. They look amazing! Keep up the great work!
    13. Minister Muffin
      Minister Muffin
      Hey there! I've seen some of your maps and I've got to say, for a beginner on Forgehub you make some crazy sick maps! Would you mind if I sent you an friend request? Thanks
    14. Major Caboose12
      Major Caboose12
    15. Marshman119
      Hey, don't mean to sound weird, but I'm a long time YouTube follower and love your work. Keep it up! Your one of the forging inspirations for me. Again, sorry if that's weird.
    16. Hogframe
      You are my favorite Infection forger.
    17. robbieagray
      If you have any ideas for an infection machinima please let me know. :)
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