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    1. Grif
      Well actually €15 is a bit much. If you can find something for like $5 or $10...
    2. Grif
      Ok I'll buy you minecraft
    3. RedNeck
      Happy birthday brah
    4. TheClubhouse
      I honestly just don't know what to think. Some people say that it's soooo hard to get a flag because there's only 3 ways into the base, yet Every game is usually 3-2 or 3-1 score. I get mixed feedback (when I actually get feedback), because some sites (I've playtested this lots with members of all sites), and they all say its extrememly fun, and want to play it again right after we're done. Yet when Obi plays it, (without me), he says he likes it, but some people didn't. I guess I just don't know what to change, or where to go from here. Also, that was one of the first tests (since it's earliest revisions), that its been tested 8v8. I've always run it 5v5 or 6v6. It played amazingly well 7v7 & 4v4 too, so I don't know. Maybe 8v8 is just too much.
      Anyways, thanks for looking at it, I thought it got lost within Cartographers. If you can think of anything to suggest, please do. Thanks.
    5. TheClubhouse
      Thanks Insane. Godly gave me the gamevid for that game, and I watched it (spent 1/2 hour watching EACH player through most of the game). For that game, it came down to vehicles. The team with all the kills just jumped into vehicles all game long, and the team that scored, ran straight for the flag and (seemed to) avoid getting into vehicles. The losing team (Team with all the kills), also had players that completely ignored the fact that their flag was getting stolen, and just stayed up on the high perch trying to get kills. The Red Team (the team that scored all the flags) just wouldn't get into their vehicles, even when Funfortress was sitting in the gunner position of the hog, players would spawn next to him and walk by him, leaving him there. lol.
    6. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      Happy birthday buddy
    7. Ociee
      Happy birthday :D
    8. Neoshadow
      Happy birthday, dude.
    9. Orange
      happy birthday i cant reaad what im typing so there might be spelling errors because my tesxt is white and so its the background and i dont enough to edit afterward
    10. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      If I had monies, I'd buy Minecraft for one name Aaron.

      Happy Birthday!
    11. Sgt Surchin
      Sgt Surchin
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON <3 (sorry i couldn't buy you minecraft)
    12. TheClubhouse
      The Following is a list of ALL the version changes since I started keeping track. Not sure which one you got (Around April 16?). Anyways, I've been getting people to help me with getting it smooth for split screen, and I've been told it is.

      *The April 24 changes are:
      - More piece reduction/replacement to get split screen to where it should be
      - Fixed one small Z-fighting spot that was found

      *The April 22 changes are:
      - New vehicle garage under the base
      - Added Assault/neutal/one-bomb game varient
      - Fixed Stockpile varient
      - More piece reduction/replacement to better split-screen performance. (I think it's ready now)

      *The April 16 changes are:
      -Decided that I'm going with the bridge version.
      -Weapon change. I had 5x Plasma pistols. Got rid of two and replaced with Plasma Rifles.
      -Fixed a Piece-merging issue, causing flickering.
      -Lowered the centerbuilding jumps, to easily access the bridge levels from there.
    13. TheClubhouse
      Hey Insane.. Here's the latest link to Ferocious Kitty. : Halo Reach : File Details
      Let me know if you guys get a chance to try it out, and what you think needs to be corrected. Thanks!!
    14. Titmar
      =( oh well
    15. Titmar
      any word about warhorse?
    16. Draw the Line
      Draw the Line
      I haven't tested it yet, but with the anti spawns gone, it'll play like it did on the old abridged version which worked fine. The only real change is the platform and it shouldn't have any drastic changes on game play.
    17. Draw the Line
      Draw the Line
      I did not, lol. I litterally just removed them from my file share! eek! You still have the old version though, correct?
    18. Draw the Line
      Draw the Line
      I have a new link for ya with the updates:


      I couldn't find where I placed the anti spawn zones, so I just did the delete all function, so they should be gone, I can't confirm it though, lol. And I extended the landing pad platform now. A player holding a flag can make that jump!
    19. ThrowinDemBows
      can u help me with some object reduction or link an online guide?
    20. Draw the Line
      Draw the Line
      The plan I had wouldn't alter the bridge at all actually. It would remain unchanged =). What would change is the landing pad below where the spartan laser spawns. I'd just extend it towards the bridge more so players holding a flag could jump to it. I don't know if I'm explaining the thought clearly enough.


      The landing pad in the upper left image would be positioned just slightly closer to the bridge making it possible to jump to.
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