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    1. Psychoduck
      I mean, if you want to get in lobbies to test maps and such I can invite you. The group i play with is pretty active as far as hosting customs.
    2. Psychoduck
      Pretty often. I don't have a ton of time, but if I'm on Halo chances are I'm either forging or playing customs. Why do you ask?
    3. squidhands
      I am physically, but I still feel like a child. :-)
    4. LIGHTSOUT225
      Sure. I don't have Skype atm, but I can grab it easy enough.
    5. chrstphrbrnnn
      Hmm, that may take a bit of work lol.
    6. Psychoduck
      You got me stick my toe back in the water. Here's hoping it won't get bitten again. Let's see where this goes.
    7. Psychoduck
      Indeed, it doesn't. Nor does criticism unfortunately. We'll see how this turns out though.
    8. Psychoduck
      Well, I'm one infraction away from being warned with one staff member particularly pissed at me more than usual and plenty of others who dislike me for speaking out in the past. If you need a partner in crime, I'll be here (as will Stevo and Sarge, I think), but for now I'm trying to lay low.
    9. Psychoduck
      Great post in the 343i thread. I couldn't agree more, I'd have said the same thing by now, but I tend to get in deep **** every time I try to help people fix things, so i figured I'd lay low. For what it's worth though, you've got my support.
    10. Mags
      I know Ive been for three years I'm back, Ive been trying to catch up with you but it seems like you only exist in the shadows, and no I'm not making anymore millennium falcons lol
    11. Loscocco
      Hey Insane54, I just wanted you to know that you were like a father to me with your amazing Halo 3 maps. I can't put my finger on the name of that one map that you made, but I'm pretty sure it was precisely called 3 Fried Ants. I just wanted to thank you for making that one map, especially the part with the wall that added lots of gameplay. It was really awesum to bond with my favorite map maker when we both got completely hammered at that one wedding that Dave had where he got married. I really hope you are able to transcend the genius that was 3 Fried Ants with Halo 4 (perhaps a 4 Fried Cabbages?) because without maps like that, I would have never gotten that abortion that I was pushing for and put that fetus up for adoption. ...and they lived happily ever after. The end.
    12. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      Even if the tutorial was just updated and made noticeable again( as in not in the Halo 3 forum with Halo 3 pics it would help.) As for videos, Psychoduck has been doing some competitive map tutorials that help explain basic systems such as risk vs reared, spawning, and player and vehicle flow/ balance. We could possibly just upgrade the forging 101/ 201 posts with Reach pics and embed some of these videos below. I'll send you a few of the vids in a PM.
    13. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      I've noticed a lot of newer forgers here on FH lately that don't really know what they are doing. Would you be interested in re-writing some of your original forging guides from Halo 3 with some of the new things you have learned over the years? It would help a lot of the people out who are just getting into forge and level design and would take some of the workload off the TG. (I read them a few years back and they helped me a lot when I was getting started.)
    14. BasedGod of Grunge
      BasedGod of Grunge
      <3. Get on skype more
    15. Pegasi
      Lol I plan on doing the same cause I've never actually gotten it all down at once before. So yeah, NP.
    16. pyro
      Haven't seen you in a while. How's it going?
    17. CameronGillin10
      Hello MetaWaddleDee
    18. Yellow Sausage
      Yellow Sausage
      Quick question. I was on the other day and i think i saw a thead that helps with names for map. Im building (another) BTB map, and I can't think of a name. Also i can't locate the thread. Could you help me find it?
    19. Roche178
      Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (HD) - YouTube
    20. Sgt Surchin
      Sgt Surchin
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