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    1. Thuckey
      Yeah I've heard of Nile before, listened to them a bit through Youtube but never lsitened to much of them. My metalhead buddy also likes them so maye I should check em out.

      Also Mortal Share, I used to love that song :P

      Also the first four Kalmah albums were amazing, Black Waltz and the new one I thought was crap. :P
    2. Thuckey
      Glad to hear that man, I really dig Kalmah.. They're the best melodic death hands down. I moved on from melodeath though, it got kind of boring/cheesy for me. I mostly listen to thrash and some death metal, but not those "brutal" death metal bands that sing about dying babies etc.. lmfao

      My favourite bands would Opeth, Tool, Death. There pretty similar, playing progressive but each has a slightly different style.

      Since you like melodeath I can reccomend you a band that I'm obessed with, they're french death metal but very melodic and powerful. On the album "Occult Medicine" every song is ****ing headbanging. Check em out:

      YouTube - Censored Project

      More specifically, check out the rest of that album as well. Awesomeness.
    3. bam3214
      i see that ur avatar is the new disturbed album. great band, one of my favs :)
    4. Debo37
      No problem! Just be wary of the trademark Firebomb grenade I embedded in the bottom of Blackout's Lift tower. If you want to get it out, you have to teletap a teleporter in there and use it. ;) I put that in there so I could bust people that used it without my permission. If you want to leave it, feel free, but otherwise ask someone how to teletap and get it out. ;) Thanks for asking!
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    Jan 1, 1900 (Age: 120)