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    1. Skisma
      Yes because files hares are down, posting maps here on FH the traditional way is temporarily not an option. However, there is a thread where you can post your completed H4 maps for the time being. Next time, don't post a question like this in someone else's map thread. That's not te right place to ask a question like this.
    2. Auburn
      I am speaking for myself when I say this. The reason other maps are being tested before yours is due to the fact that they have a lesser player count, therefore are more simple to gather testers for. Unfortunately, gathering a lobby of eight is difficult this late in the life of Reach.

      With that said, the best you can do is wait patiently for your map to be tested. If you would like help out, you can send me a friend request and participate in testing sessions.

      Another suggestion I will make is to create a thread in the Customs Lobby and set it up similarly to TCOJ. If you manage a large enough lobby, I will gladly test your map. Clean execution is the key to a successful thread in the Customs Lobby. Create an organized looking thread, announce that members can test their flag contest maps, and you should be in good shape.
    3. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      It's fine. I would try to join any custom lobbies begin organized on forge hub such as the Bi-weekly TGIF. There you can get some things tested and make some friends, building up a group of people who you can invite in the hopes that they will join (people you actually know join so much more often than recent players.) Then they can invite their friends, so it usually works out.
    4. Skyward Shoe
      Skyward Shoe
      It may or may not. The Tester's Guild is fairly understaffed right now and we really can't get to everything. In any case, the TG is meant to be a supplement to your own testing, so it would be best for you to continue testing on your own either way.

      Welcome to Forge Hub!
    5. cluckinho
      So sorry I missed your map post in the feedback thread. I'll make sure to test it and give you some help. Sorry again.
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