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Apr 26, 2008
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Nov 18, 2010
    1. Devil95
      My Forge Abilities: Crossroads. I've also built the Zombie Horde Map Packs (1 & 2).
    2. Devil95
      amazing maps dude, I was wondering if you would mind helping me with a map pack sometime after your maps launch. If so, PM me or Send an FR to Lil Devil9597.
    3. stickmanmeyhem
      The little bit of text in your sig is the epitome of awesome. You're one of the few people I see around the forums that really know what they're talking about.

    4. Vincent Torre
      Vincent Torre
      Hi, your thumbnail for this thread violates the Map Databases rules. Edited thumbnail pictures are not allowed.

      Please fix this to avoid an infraction.
    5. Youtuber
      Vertigo, my first submit-worthy map in Halo Reach, was created to break free from the conventional first-attempt maps. The general first map consists of plenty of building pieces and large, overly-complex maps that don't always have the flow necessary for competitive play. As a result, I tried to create my own unique structures from scratch, as well as an intriguing feel.[/spoiler]

      That needed to be said.
    6. arrrghSAM
      Forge Union is down, goddamnit :/
      Oh well, at least I've learnt how to do the No Clip technique with non-OLN objects.
      Avalanche maps are win.
    7. R0FLninja

      i tried making a sig outta your badass panoramas, theyre so cool, but this kinda failed.

      so, have it if you want
    8. Mace
      I was going to ask if you wanted to play with me, but your a 33. I saw your post in the fav. playlist thread.
    9. Mace
      I'm a 44.
    10. Mace
      Whats your rank in snipers?
    11. Insane54
    12. arrrghSAM
      Seriously, I think you deserve it! The amount you put into your maps and perfecting them.. it really shows.
      I nominated it in the FHF Beta thread.
    13. arrrghSAM
      I'm ****ing nominating Phobia for feature, you really deserve it mate, it's an excellent map!
    14. verkehr
      cool beans
    15. verkehr
      your sig is really cool... it took me awhile to notice the mongoose tho lol... did u make it ureself?
    16. RaBBiiTTT
      Dude how do you make your pics look so professional?
    17. arrrghSAM
      Haha, yeah every time someone's sick it's instantly like "You have Swine Flu!"
    18. arrrghSAM
      Ohh fair enough.
      Is it teh Swine Flu? :P

      My school might actually close soon because of it, which means all of the grades will be figured out from Class effort and papers etc, rather than the exams -_-
    19. arrrghSAM
      Are you getting on LIVE tonight? I still haven't played Spacial Rift, and if you get on I'd love to get a party together for it.
      I might even post a review on here :P
    20. x DREAM 76 x
      x DREAM 76 x
      What is your question about VB. I am an admin at ForgeBattle.com and I might be able to help you..
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    In my critiques, I focus on the bad, because that is how a map is improved. Don't take it harshly. Ratings mean nothing: don't bother using them. Give specifics on how a map can be improved, and download the damn thing. I'm about done with seeing picture reviews.