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    1. Audienceofone
      Oh goodness. lol.

      I'm just here to help see if I can control how the site goes with our new Admin and help to communicate for the staff. I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but I'm giving it all I can while I'm able. Glad you approve though. :)
    2. Nutduster
      I agree. The funny thing is I really think TCOJ was doing a lot to prop this site up. We were the only steady customs lobby on the forum and we had good, inviting, friendly attitudes about it which kept some people coming back here that might otherwise have left for other communities. Why so few followed our lead, I have no idea.
    3. Nutduster
      In retrospect I probably should have just quit, but strangely I felt some loyalty to this place and to the guy who recruited me to staff, even though his recent absence, and subsequent kinda-return with a huge helping of who-gives-a-**** attitude, was a big part of why the staff is now falling to pieces. I felt like my leaving outright would be disloyal in some way. Foolish of me, apparently. There's so much disloyalty to go around right now, and so much abject failure - what does a little more matter?
    4. Nutduster
      I didn't quit. There was a general staff meltdown with like three guys leaving, and Transactionzero demoted me back to gray status also (apparently by accident). I had previously asked to be made just a moderator though, because I won't have time over the next few months to write articles, so that demotion (or lateral move, if you prefer) was intentional. I've told Tz that I can step back into a moderator role if he needs me - but it's mostly journos that just quit, so I don't know if he actually needs a mod, anyway. Either way I'm crazy busy right now and probably can't afford to worry about whatever decision he makes.
    5. Audienceofone
      Well that's completely understandable. Go be a father. ;)
    6. Audienceofone
      You are incredibly reliable, you know that right? lol.
    7. Audienceofone
      Maybe! I'll see if I can get on when the time comes.
    8. Audienceofone
      I guessed that when you didnt show. :p

      S'all good. I ended up in a non-party elsewhere.
    9. Audienceofone
      Thank you, kind sir!
    10. SilentJacket
      also happeh birfday
    11. SpartanPeter
      You don't know me :P But regardless! Have an very happy birthday!
    12. Audienceofone
      Hey, you, with the AWESOME. I just came by because I noticed it was your birthday. I found it rather interesting that the one time I actually look at the notifier it was today. :p

      Happy birthday.
    13. Eightball
      Happy birthday!
    14. Nutduster
      Oh sweet, glad you liked it. Hoping to do more stuff like that in months to come.
    15. Nutduster
      I've made, I think, six finished maps since Trapped. Need to get off my ass and release a few of them I guess!
    16. Nutduster
      So when are you returning to the fold? You've been making maps again, so I know it won't be long...
    17. Audienceofone
    18. Audienceofone
      Thusday this week.
    19. Nutduster
      Very true. Part of the reason Hivemind works is that the outer ring belongs to the vehicles to a large extent, so infantry are forced to mix it up.
    20. Nutduster
      Ha, that's hilarious. Wonder how that would work, actually? Without the flying vehicles that design is kind of an odd one, though it would be fun shooting each other out of the "docking bays."
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