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Promethean, from North Dakota

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Aug 18, 2013
    1. TecH
      Om nom nom!
    2. Sir Spamalot
      Sir Spamalot
      Hey. Are you the creator of the 'Saw' Series?
    3. ScarFac3d
    4. The Hudacris
      The Hudacris
      anyway u may want to update the rep part of your sig. NAO
    5. The Hudacris
      The Hudacris
      hello there ladies and gamermen. Hello there ladies and games. U ready to rock! ?
    6. Doog Nit
    7. Seaboro Kibbles
      Seaboro Kibbles
      [IMG] I'm not to sure about Satan in a santa hat...
    8. Gamerguy45
    9. Gamerguy45
      It's not that I don't want you to leave halo... I'm upset that the farcry map editor is gonna suck.... Mainly because you cant have minigames.... Mini-games will require an honor rule without being able to make game variants.... To be honest I WANT TO LIKE FARCRY 2, but sadly without minigames its going to be as boring as halo 3 slayer maps... slayer maps are Boooorring (I play for fun not slayer) Mayby racetracks and puzzles may change my mind about farcry 2... You know what ill send you a friend request on xbox live and we can have a conversation without waiting 5 hours bewteen question and answers, Then hopefully you can put my fears of farcry 2 behind and I may actually like it more then halo....
    10. Gamerguy45
      You are truly an...... God damn I'm gonna put it nicely to you..... Your not that (resist calling him an idiot common resist it....) smart if you think that you can make a puzzle map with the far cry editor.... You can't do as much as you think you can... Most puzzles in halo require you using glitches and other things only done in halo....Now while there may be glitches in far cry none of them can be as useful as in halo. Far cry map editor is to make maps for death match... You 'may' be able to make a jump map though. Give me two ideas for a puzzle map in this game and I may believe it is true, that you can actually create a puzzle map.... But its nowhere near the freedom halo gives you ( other then making a complete map you can't make 'mini games' in far cry you can't do much else either and don't tell me far cry creations has a minigame section because that was their 'guess' witch is obviously wrong)... Now if forge was to mix in with the far cry map editor then you could make some frickin' crazy puzzle maps but till then, how are you gonna block a room off..... and even if you could its gonna look ugly with 5 boxes stacked.... and once your in a room once again how are they gonna get out? The hidden Molotov cocktail...NOPE. far cry map editor doesn't allow weapons so no hidden grenades or guns to help you meaning no brute shots needlers or anything that helps puzzles.... crouch jumping through a window that is half block off.... now that may be possible but once again that would be more of an obstacle course and not a puzzle map. and also since you can float things how to you expect to block of half in less you blocked the bottom half of then, once again its going to be even easier and still not a puzzle...

      I guess ill look forward to your 'jump maps' if farce can even do them.... just stick to the race tracks at least they'll work in far cry..... or better yet stick with both far cry for death match, and racetracks. also stay with halo for puzzles and minigames.
    11. E93
      He has an improved custom background because he's a mod.
      Anyone who's Loyal higher gets it.
    12. StreetSoccer12
      How is your new innovative puzzle map coming along?
    13. Vengeful C
    14. StreetSoccer12
      Wait you got a feature in a magazine? I wanna see.
    15. Sgt Uniden69
      Sgt Uniden69
      nothing my bad dude nessage didnt go through fast enough
    16. Paulie Walnuttz
    17. Gamer720
      Nope, I did not get a infraction thankyou very much, But i did get a Feature in Official Xbox Magazine UK. :)
    18. StreetSoccer12
      oohh you got your infraction didn't you lol btw your a rep *****. :[
    19. TexturedSun
      Well ... posting that link wasn't appropriate.

      I've unbanned you from the shoutbox, btw.
    20. FreshCherry
      Thanks guy i dont know!
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