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Apr 23, 2018 at 1:06 AM
Feb 25, 2009
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Wisconsin, unfortunately.

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Furry x Furry

Mythic, from Wisconsin, unfortunately.

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**** this dialog box. It's getting in the way of the forum so I can hardly see anything. This twitter now? #PoorDesign #FHisDEAD Sep 7, 2013

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Apr 23, 2018
    1. Debo37
      What in the sam hell is your Gamertag now? Slash do you play Halo 5 at all?
      1. Furry x Furry
        Furry x Furry
        I think my gamertag is SirAlbatrossy (long story) but I don't own an Xbox One, so no, I don't play Halo 5. :(
        Nov 5, 2015
    2. Furry x Furry
      Furry x Furry
      **** this dialog box. It's getting in the way of the forum so I can hardly see anything. This twitter now? #PoorDesign #FHisDEAD
    3. boomerdude
    4. boomerdude
      pssst furry, it's not safe here... add me on skype b00merdude
    5. PacMonster1
      Furry, there is no need for that. I'm being beyond reasonable here in explaining the situation. Chrono and I stood up for you and cheeze convincing the other staffers you guys would behave when your warning was listed. Don't belittle that confidence we had.
    6. PacMonster1
      As I said, if you have specific examples where you think posts were removed unfairly, and I stress unfairly because posts that contained insults toward other members (which have happened a lot lately) are supposed to be removed based on the rules that have existed since forever, then PM me, chrono, or any other staff, or all of the staff if you think any one staff won't take your request seriously. I won't unlock the thread in question because there is nothing more to add to it. It was not a discussion thread and opening it will only lead to more hot heads on both side. And I don't know about you but I'm tired of it. If you feel absolutely strongly that a thread is needed where a PM won't do, you can make a new thread and name it something more general than just "stop deleting dissenting opinions" which just asks for controversy.
    7. PacMonster1
      Why? That thread was created by a specific member to request why his posts were removed. He was answered thus the thread's purpose was concluded. It was not a general discussion thread. Nutduster's thread of the same name was more of that but it started to go south with angry member comments that didn't have to do with posts being removed or what Nutduster said, which is why the original was locked. If you know of instances of a post being removed unfairly then please PM me or other staff and we will discuss it and try to rectify the situation instead of encouraging another round of forum drama that doesn't help anyone.
    8. QKT
      are you friends with tusk on facebook? i'm recognisable as my username is my initials. we should reform the ppc somewhere so we can all groan about it all.
    9. PacMonster1
      I believe that only lasts for a week. I mean, in cases when it's better warranted, it is an interesting moderation option. It prevents members who can't control themselves from spamming all over the place disrupting forum activity. I'm not saying your situation qualifies for that treatment, but I don't disagree with the practice of it.
    10. PacMonster1
      And I agree, but I can't overturn it without other staff's consent, and at the root of the matter, the same way if any other member reported a post that offends them, that offended oVR so it was taken as an insult which is against our rules. I agree that I personally wouldn't have infracted you for it, in fact I would have just laughed it off and taken the wind from your sails by owning it (by probably finding an image of Kim Jong Un pointing to cake or something). But, that's just me.
    11. PandaMan
      ****ing lol
    12. Hodor
    13. Loscocco
      Your MOM sucks. And you clearly don't comprehend the complexity behind my intricate sense of humor.
    14. RightSideTheory
      Why'd you delete all of your visitor messages?
    15. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      What can you possibly have against the plasma launcher?!?
    16. Grif
      I don't know of anyone else who managed to work out the fundamental theorems of time travel while playing with themselves.
    17. Grif
      LOL. At least I'm productive when I masturbate.
    18. Grif
      And now I'd like to know about the drawing.
    19. Grif
      Today I've lost my memory, stolen money from my company while working with the FBI and run around yelling Matt Damon!
    20. Grif
      That's nice, but I was asking how you were.
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    Furry x Furry
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